austrlian_flag_small.gif (1875 bytes) 100k Map of New South Wales for Download

Explorer 100k New South Wales Raster Digital Map Download
(For use with OziExplorer, OziExplorer Android, OziExplorerCE)

We have developed a 100K New South Wales Digital Map download incorporating 100k data which is Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia) 2008.

The links will be emailed to download the map (coverage is shown below) -

The map is in OziExplorer OZFx3 format suitable for use in OziExplorer, OziExplorer Android and OziExplorerCE mapping software.  The OziExplorer calibration file for the map is included in the download.

Please Note: The base Geoscience Australia data this map has been produced from is 30+ years old.  Some of the map sections have been updated with roads added.  There may be roads or tracks in your region of interest which are not on these maps.  The original scan quality varies over the map (see the examples below).

View a section of the 100K map

View a section of the 100K map

Installing the Map for use with OziExplorer

On the PC computer, run the self installing exe file downloaded.  Follow the prompts to install the map to the "Maps" folder of OziExplorer.  Copy the maps to use in OziExplorerCE or OziExplorer Android.

 100k New South Wales Raster Digital Map Download  -  $19 (Australian dollars) which includes GST and postage.

The links will be emailed to download a mosaic 100k map of New South Wales covering the region indicated by the blue outline.

New South Wales map is 2.0GB download  (download is split into 4 smaller downloads)

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