Importing NASA Satellite Images into OziExplorer

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The image files downloaded from the NASA website are compressed (.tar) files. The .tar file contains several files, the only files required by OziExplorer are the image (.sid) and the calibration file (.sdw).

Winzip can extract the images from the tar file. Important - if you use winzip you must turn OFF the "TAR file smart CR/LF conversion" in winzip configuration, failure to do this will result in corrupted files.

Caution - The .tar file also contains a small image (.jpg), this file is not required and will cause problems during the importing.  If you have extracted the (.jpg) file, you must delete it before you import the maps.

1. In OziExplorer, select the option on the "File Menu" / "Import Map" / "All DRG Maps on a CD or in a Folder" to show the open file dialog.

2. Select the "Image File Path", this is where the NASA images are located that you want to import.  The maps you are importing will have the extension .sid (for example S-56-25_loc.sid is a NASA map image file)

3. Select the "Map File Path", this is where you want the .map files to be saved. (usually the same folder as the images)

4. Click the "Import" button.

5. The DRG Import Defaults dialog will be displayed.

Enter the parameters below.

Note: Some or all map images immediately south of the Equator overlap the Equator slightly and may have to be imported using "N" for Northern Hemisphere. If the incorrect hemisphere is selected the calibration will be wrong. For Example - the map "S-50-00.sid" is on the equator but requires the Hemisphere "N" to be entered in the Import parameters.

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