Do I Need a Hema Navigator HN7 or the "Turn your Laptop into a Navigator" package?

Here are some things to consider to help you choose between these two packages.

Both these packages will track your position on a map. 

HN7 - The HN7 is a 7" device and is designed and built as a navigator with an easy to use interface and include the Hema 4WD Maps. 

The PC Navigation package is the full PC OziExplorer moving map and GPS mapping software, running on your laptop or tablet PC (Windows XP / 7 / 8 - not RT), complete with Australia 250K map (Other compatible maps you may already have or obtain can be used with PC OziExplorer).

Package Hema Navigator HN7 "Turn your Laptop into a Navigator" package
Device WindowsCE based 7" device supplied Installed onto your PC laptop / netbook / tablet PC
Operating System Runs the WindowsCE O/S Windows XP / 7 / 8 /10 (not RT)
Mounting On dash or windscreen (mounts included) Requires laptop or tablet in vehicle
4WD Software EziOzi (OziExplorerCE) installed
(see the HN7 page for details)
PC OziExplorer - full version
(see the OziExplorer features page
4WD Maps Hema 4WD maps installed Purchase Option 1 - Australia 250K (based on Natmap)
Purchase Option 2 - Hema Australia 4WD Digital maps
GPS Internal GPS GPS Mouse Receiver (USB) BU-353S4
    Fully expandable by adding your own maps
Logging Tracks / waypoints logged to file Tracks / waypoints logged to file
Additional Software HN Explorer PC software OziExplorer3D PC software
Street Level (Auto-routing) Yes, iGo street navigation software No.
Post Trip Data Analysis Connect to PC and import to HN Explorer (included)
copy to PC OziExplorer (PC OziExplorer is a separate purchase)
Data already on your laptop or copy to OziExplorer running on desktop PC.
Advantages Setup ready to go
Doesn't require a laptop to use in the vehicle
Full PC OziExplorer and OziExplorer3D included
Install on your PC at home and on your laptop / tablet PC (installation instructions provided)