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Note: The names databases provided on the WWW are in a mixture of formats.  These databases have to be converted and collated to a uniform format to be read and used by OziExplorer. You can download a software program Name Search Creator from this page which will assist you to do this. The program will allow you to combine the data for the area or region of your choice by selecting the files from a list of data files. (You can also compile your own waypoint files into the database and you can also make your own user text files. Data from the different sources can be combined into a single database.)

Version 1.10a Updated 14/04/2010 - Program History
  • Supports the new (2009) Ordnance Survey of Great Britain 50K Gazetteer (.txt) file.
  • Added support for UTF8 (Western) character sets.
  • Added support for GeoNames names data for the world.
  • Supports the new (2008) DECI file format from the USGS Gazetteer.
  • Supports new file format from the NIMA World Place Names website.
  • and compressed file format from the USGS website - U.S.A. Data
    (Note: the National File which contains all state files combined into one large file cannot be used, it is too large.)
  • User Text Files - Create a text file from any non-standard Place Name list you may have. Use a spreadsheet or text editor to create a name search text file.
  • Waypoint Files - You can now add your own OziExplorer Waypoint files saved in any Datum to your database.

Please read the information on this page and also in the HELP provided in the Name Search software program and OziExplorer so that you understand what you are required to do to implement your own Name Search Database.

NOTE: The Geographic Names databases provide only approximate location in many cases. Once you locate the selected Geographic Name in OziExplorer, you should examine the map carefully to verify the accuracy of the location.

What is Name Search

Name Searching is a feature of OziExplorer allowing you to pick a name from the geographic list of names which can also include your own waypoints and either plot the position of the place on the current map or search for maps which contain the location. Each Geographic Name is linked to a Feature Type Code. For more information on this feature refer to the OziExplorer Help - Name Search.

What you need to do

Step 1:  download and install the Name Search Software
Step 2:  download the names files for your region of the world
Step 3:  run the Name Search software and create the Name Search Database.
             Note:  Instructions are provided in the Name Search program.
Step 4:  load the database in the Name Search dialog in OziExplorer or OziExplorerCE.

Name Search Databases already created and ready for use

    Some Name Search Databases from data for download

Name Search Software

Download Name Search Software from here.  This software program will convert data files into a Name Search Database which can be used with OziExplorer and OxiExplorerCE.  The data files are available for download from various web sites (see the pages below for links).

Countries of the World Names Data (other than USA)

From the links on our World webpage, download the names data files to convert for all countries worldwide excluding the United States and Antarctica.

USA Names Data

From the links on our USA webpage, download the names data files to convert for all United States and Antarctica.

Creating Names Database from Waypoint Files

See this webpage here for information on compiling your own waypoints into a Name Search database.

Creating Names Database from User Files

Creating your own Text Files acceptable for Name Search Creator, instructions are here.

Technical Information

Technical Information about Name Search database formats.

Data File Errors

See this page here for known errors in the data files downloaded.

More information about Sources of Geographic Names Data

There are two major sources for you to obtain this data.

Most Countries Worldwide EXCLUDING the United States and Antarctica.

World database information can be accessed here

United States and Antarctica.

U.S.A. database information can be accessed here

Feature Type Code Descriptors

The World and USA Name Search databases have different Feature Type Codes and Descriptions.  These Feature Codes can be selected from the drop down list in the Name Search Dialog within OziExplorer. This option will narrow down your search results to features that fall within the selected category.

The World Feature Type Code Descriptions can be viewed here: Type Code Descriptions

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