Contacts Name Search - Software Program.

Why is this Software Program (Name Search Creator) Required

This software program, Name Search Creator, will allow you to access datafiles of geographic names information which are readily available from various sources listed below, and convert and collate this data into a format which can be used by OziExplorer.

Each source of this information (and even within one source) has the datafiles structured differently.  Name Search Creator supports 5 formats - OziExplorer waypoint files (.wpt), user text files (.nst), and World and U.S.A. files in these formats - text files (.txt) and compressed files (.zip) and (.gz).  You are NOT required to unzip the files, Name Search Creator will do that for you.

Name Search Creator will check the formats of the files before processing.  It is known that from time to time the format of individual files differs from the standard format.  Any known non-standard files will be published on the Name Search - Datafile Errors webpage.

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