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is software which allows map images to be viewed in 3D with the ability to rotate in all directions and zoom in and out of the view.

 Features  (View more screenshots)

Display maps in 3D


View your map which you have created in OziExplorer and loaded into the OziExplorer3D map viewer.  OziExplorer uses a normal OziExplorer map and the height data which the user has installed to create the 3D map file which is then sent to the OziExplorer3D map viewer.

Original Map loaded into OziExplorer

OziExplorer3D map created from the original map and height data


Most maps which can be viewed in OziExplorer can be viewed in 3D (some image types are excluded for licensing reasons)


OziExplorer can use maps in various formats which can be purchased in digital form (BSB, USGS DRG, ECW, SID, TIF, PNG, + more).  With height data OziExplorer and OziExplorer3D can create 3D maps from maps in these formats for viewing.


Standard Height Data formats are supported


Many height data formats are supported, these include -

  • USA Dem 24K

  • USA Dem 250

  • Grid ASCII


  • Gtopo30

  • Globe (Arcview)

  • SRTM

Data files for some of the above formats are available for free download from the internet.


Rotate your maps in 3D, view from any direction


The map can be rotated around the center of the window (screen),  hold down the left mouse button on the map and drag the mouse, the map will rotate around the center of the window.

The 4 arrow keyboard keys can also be used to rotate the map in any direction.


View waypoints, tracks and points on the 3D map


OziExplorer waypoint, track and point files can be loaded and displayed on a 3D map in OziExplorer3D. Configuration options allow you to alter the way you display the objects.


Special Map Control dialog make 3D adjustments easy to perform.



  • The vertical exaggeration of the map can be adjusted using a height factor slider control.
  • Zoom the map in or out so your 3D view is just the way you want it to look.
  • The elevation offset changes the vertical location of the map plane relative to other loaded data and is useful for aligning the elevation of the map plain to tracks.
  • The map vertical offset changes the vertical location of the entire map relative to the viewing area.

Zoom in and out


As well as the zoom slider on the Map Control, use the Page Up and Page Down keys to zoom in or out, or if you have a mouse with a "Scroll Wheel" you can change the zoom by using the wheel.


Apply 3D shading to your map



3D shading can be applied to the map using lighting controls on a special Map Control dialog. 

Changing the lighting will alter the shading applied to the map and enhance the 3D effect.  In OziExplorer3D, an interactive "Sun Image" allows you to drag the sun around in the window and watch how your 3D map shading adjusts for the sun position. A "Default" button is provided to reset the shading to the default settings.

(Note: Lighting controls are disabled in the Evaluation Version).


Apply Fog to the map


Fog can be turned on or off easily, just click on the Fog toolbar button.  Fog can be varied using the slider style fog controls on a special Map Control dialog.

Changing the fog will enhance the 3D effect and improve perspective.   (Note: Fog controls are disabled in the Evaluation Version).


Load multiple maps in OziExplorer3D (purchased version only)


The purchased version of OziExplorer3D allows multiple 3D maps to be created and viewed at the same time. Cascade or tile the multiple maps in separate windows using the options on the window toolbar.


Show GPS position on the 3D map


If moving map is operating in OziExplorer, you can show and track the moving map position on the active 3D map, simply click on the moving map toolbar button.


Save, copy to the clipboard and print the current 3D map view


Once you have created, zoomed and rotated the view the way you want it, save the map view to a BMP file, copy it to the clipboard or even print the 3D map using the options provided.


Dockable toolbars for easy operation


Toolbars are provided to assist to make operations easy for the user. Five individual toolbars, File, View, Map, Window and Help have many frequently used functions.


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