OziExplorer 3D -File Menu and Toolbar Options

(Most of the menu options can also be accessed via toolbar buttons).

Load 3D File - Load an existing 3D file.  Large map images are required to be in the same folder as when the 3D file was generated.

Save As - Save the active 3D image as a 3D1 file.

Close Window - Close the active window

Load Waypoint File - Load an OziExplorer waypoint file and display the waypoints on the 3D map.

Load Point File - Load an OziExplorer point file and display the points on the 3D map.

Load Track File - Load an OziExplorer track file and display the track on the 3D map. The track color will be imported with the track.

Save Screen to BMP File - Save the active screen view to a BMP file.

Copy Screen to Clipboard - Copy the active view to the clipboard.

Print Screen - Prints the active view.

Configuration - Open the window to set configuration options.

Quit - Close the program.