OziExplorer 3D - Elevation Configuration

System Tab

Use Elevation Data - Important, If unticked OziExplorer will not make use of Elevation from Elevation Files or allow 3D maps to be created.

Elevation Display at Startup - If ticked the Elevation Display window (shows the Elevation under the mouse position) will be shown when OziExplorer is started.

Filter Elevation - It is recommended that this parameter be ticked.

If ticked OziExplorer will interpolate the elevation between the known height points (the height grid in the height data file) using a best fit spline through a 16 point grid.

If ticked

 If unticked

Save Small Image Section in 3D File - If ticked the required part of the map image is saved in the 3D1 file. This happens if the uncompressed size of the image is less than 1.5 MBytes. The image section is saved compressed in the 3D1 file.

Number Vertices - This shows the maximum number of vertices that you will allow. This value is set to a conservative 25,000 as a default but can be set between 0 and 2,000,000 as you become familiar with your system performance. If you set too high a value the map may not be usable in OziExplorer3D because of performance issues. (Note: The Evaluation version of OziExplorer3D is limited to using 100,000 vertices.)

Elevation Adjust -The figure entered here (in meters) is added to the elevation data of the map as the map is created. This allows the height data used to create the 3D map to be adjusted to allow for difference in height datums etc.

DEM File Paths Tab

Elevation Data Type and path

As OziExplorer is started (or exiting OziExplorer Elevation Configuration) then

Each type of height data file must be kept separate and placed in their own folder(s). The paths below are then set to point to where the files are located. Sub folders belonging to these paths are also scanned for files.

These are the categories of DEM files that OziExplorer supports

See the Height Data help for more details of the type of data supported.

The checkbox beside each path enables the file type to be made active (used in OziExplorer) or not active (not used in OziExplorer).