The OziExplorer API provides a programming interface which allows users to write programs to control many of the functions of OziExplorer.


Version 1.08


Click here to download the oziAPI dll + example code

The download contains example programs for Delphi, Visual Basic and Visual C. These examples do not cover the full API and were written for my own testing but they should give a good indication on how to use the API.

Click here to download just the oziAPI dll file

Note Note Note : Version 3.95.2 (or later if available) of OziExplorer is required, this OziAPI will not work fully with any earlier version.


The OziAPI technical information

The "Old" API

The old OziExplorer API is still available in OziExplorer and can still be used but will no longer be updated.

The Old OziAPI technical information