OziExplorer CE - Development Version

Last Updated

8th April 2009

A new version of OziExplorerCE is available as a development version.


OziExplorerCE Development Version 2.30d.3

Download the extra files dev_ozice_extra_files.zip unzip it and copy the *.par1 files to the OziExplorerCE folder (normally "OziExplorer 2") and copy the chm file to the OziExplorerCE Help folder.

There is a new screen designer download below.

Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 Pocket PC's. dev_ozice_pocketpc_wm.zip The "Windows Mobile Classic" (Pocket PC) and "Professional" (Pocket PC with Phone) Operating System versions are supported. The "Windows Mobile Standard" version (for small non-touch screen phones) is not supported.
Pocket Pocket PC 2003 dev_ozice_pocketpc_2003.zip Pocket PC's using Windows CE version 4.2
Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002 dev_ozice_pocketpc.zip Pocket PC's using Windows CE version 3
PDA's running Windows CE OS 4 or 5 Core

Any unlocked navigation device using Windows CE will use this version.

( Not for Pocket PC's )

ARM cpu


Mips cpu


The PDA's which use the WinCE "Core" OS may be devices which are dedicated to particular tasks such as running specific navigation software. The devices may be "locked" so other software cannot be installed. There may be information available on the internet on how to unlock some of these devices.


  Handheld PC (wince 2.0), Handheld PC Pro (wince 2.11) Not available These PDA's do not have enough resources to run this version of OziExplorerCE.

One of the features of the new version is the ability to display many different screens by paging through them, these screens can be designed on the PC by use the "OziExplorerCE Settings Manager" program.

Download OziExplorerCE Screen Designer (version 2.30)


Development Version 2.30d.1/2.30d.2/2.30d.3  (April 2009)


Development Version 2.29d/2.29d.1/2.29d.2/2.29d.3/2.29d.4  (March 2009)


Development Version 2.28d/2.28d.1  (March 2009)



Development Version 2.26d/2.27d  (February 2009)


Development Version 2.25d  (January 2009)


Development Version 2.24d  (January 2009)


Development Version 2.23d  (December 2008)

Standard View

3D Perspective View

Analogue Gauge


Development Version 2.22d  (November 2008)


Development Version 2.21d  (November 2008)


Development Version 2.20d  (November 2008)