OziExplorer CE - Bluetooth GPS F.A.Q.

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space12h.gif (36 bytes)Using a Bluetooth GPS with OziExplorerCE
(a GPS which communicates via Bluetooth)

OziExplorerCE will work with a Bluetooth GPS receiver if you have a Bluetooth enabled PDA.


OziExplorerCE Configuration

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Bluetooth GPS receivers eliminate the need for cables between the GPS and the PDA but a serial port still is required to be configured in OziExplorerCE. Bluetooth uses a serial port for communication.

Use the Bluetooth Manager on the PDA to set up the connection and obtain information such as com port number being used.

Do not have any other software connected to the Bluetooth device at the same time as you are connecting OziExplorerCE, only 1 program can be connected at a time.

Configuration of OziExplorerCE is done from the Configuration / NMEA (GPS) option on the File Menu.

Communication Port - This drop-down list shows the actual ports which the PDA has installed and a description of each port is shown.  Many ports are reserved for use by Bluetooth and it is difficult to know which one to choose.  As a guide, PDA's with PocketPC 2002 usually uses COM8 and PDA's with PocketPC 2003 usually uses COM5.

Baud - The must be set to the same Baud rate the GPS is using. If this is selectable in your gps then use as high a Baud rate that is possible. Baud Rates from 1200 to 115200 can be selected in OziExplorerCE. The default is 4800. If you do not know the Baud rate of the GPS you are using try 4800 first as this is the standard for NMEA output.

Sentence - Communications for Moving Map operation, to get the position from the GPS, are made via standard NMEA sentences. Other sentences may also be used to obtain additional information not contained in the selected sentence.

If your GPS outputs the GPRMC sentence then this is the preferred sentence to select.

The selectable sentences are :




GPS NMEA Output Datum - The datum your GPS uses to Output the position in the NMEA data (normally WGS 84).

Show GPS Fix Data - Shows the type of Fix and the Number of satellites being tracked in the top status line.

The Bluetooth connection is OK but moving map is not working

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space12h.gif (36 bytes)If the connectivity between the GPS and the PDA is lost and re-established while you are in moving map operation, it may be necessary to turn off moving map and turn it on again.

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