OziExplorer CE - Compact Flash GPS F.A.Q.

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space12h.gif (36 bytes)Using a Compact Flash or SDIO GPS with OziExplorerCE

Note - Only one software program can access a GPS at the same time. Before trying to use OziExplorerCE with the GPS you must close down any other software which is communicating with the GPS. In most cases pressing the X in the top right corner of an application does not close it, it just minimizes it, it will still be running.
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How do I configure OziExplorerCE for my Compact Flash or SDIO GPS?

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1. Install the Drivers which were supplied with your GPS.

An SDIO GPS will most likely be provided with drivers - the driver adds a new serial port to the PDA which OziExplorerCE uses to communicate with the GPS.

A Compact Flash GPS most likely will not have drivers as they are provided by the operating system.

2. Configure OziExplorerCE

Configure OziExplorerCE - using the menu option File / Configuration / NMEA (GPS)

  • Communication Port - This drop-down list shows the actual ports which the PDA has installed and a description of each port is shown.  The description of the port may not mention GPS but may have CF or something similar in the description.

  • Baud Rate - most likely set to 4800 but may vary depending on make/model of GPS (it must match the baud rate the GPS is using).

  • Sentence - most likely GPRMC (must be a sentence the GPS outputs).

  • GPS NMEA Output Datum - WGS84

  • Use Check Sum - set to ON (ticked)

  • Check Valid - can be set either way but be aware of the difference of operation you can expect.  If ON - the Valid flag in the sentence from the GPS will be checked and if the GPS indicates that it does not have a valid fix, OziExplorerCE will NOT process the sentence. If OFF - the sentence will be processed, although the GPS may not have a valid fix.

The Garmin cf Que uses Garmin PVT mode for communication so these are the different settings required.

  • Baud Rate - set to 9600

  • Sentence - PVT Garmin

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