OziExplorerCE  Error Message - "Image File not found or could not be loaded"

When OziExplorerCE cannot find the image for a map, this message will be displayed. Here are some of the things to check to solve the problem.

Possible Problem : The map image is not in the correct image format. [Explanation:  OziExplorerCE can only load images which are in one of OziExplorer's OZF formats (OZF2 or OZFx3) or on PDA's which have ARM based processors ECW format is also supported (most PDA's will load maps in ECW format).  Maps in JPG and BMP formats can be loaded but the images must not be large images as the images are fully loaded into memory.  Maps in other formats TIF, MrSid, PNG etc cannot be loaded in OziExplorerCE.]

Fix : Convert the map to OZFx3 format using our image converter "Img2Ozf".  See the "Using Maps in CE" webpage.

Possible Problem : The map image has not been copied to the PDA.

Fix : Two (2) files must be copied to the maps folder on the PDA, the (.map) calibration file and the map image (.ozf2, .ozfx3 or .ecw).  Special Note: OxiExplorerCE will always find the map image if the 2 files are copied to the same folder on the PDA.

Possible Problem : The map image could not be loaded.  [Explanation:  The image has been copied to a correct location on the PDA but OziExplorerCE cannot load the image.]

Fix : If the image is in "ozfx3" format and the version of OziExplorerCE is not recent, you may need to update the version of OziExplorerCE.   OziExplorerCE can be updated from the Download Section on the OziExplorerCE webpage.

Possible Problem : The map image could not be found.  [Explanation:  The image has been copied to a different folder on the PDA to where the (.map) file has been copied and OziExplorerCE cannot find the image.]

Fix : Solution 1: Move the image to the same folder on the PDA as the associated (.map) file.   Solution 2: In OziExplorerCE configuration  "Map Image Files", configure one of the 2 available paths to point to the folder where the map images are located.