Customising the OziExplorerCE Interface

General Information

One of the features of OziExplorerCE is the ability to display many different screens by paging through them.  The screens/pages can contain a map and other parameters selected from a list of more than 100 parameters from the following categories - some examples are :

The screens can be designed on the PC by using the "OziExplorerCE Screen Designer" program.  With the PDA connected to the PC, from the screen designer the screens are sent to the PDA in a "Page File". The new screens are loaded in OziExplorerCE using the "Load Page File" option on the File Menu.  There can be any number of Page Files with different designs (eg. for touring, geocaching, boating etc). The last file used is always loaded when the program is started.

Page files for portrait and landscape screen orientation can be designed. When the PDA screen orientation is swapped, the portrait or landscape page file is automatically loaded. 

Screen Designer

The Screen Designer is a utility software program which runs on a PC running Windows O/S, it can be downloaded from the OziExplorerCE page of our website.  Design your own screens from a blank screen or modify the screens provided.  To use the Screen Designer software refer to the Help which is provided in the software.

Designing for Hi-res Screens - To design for a VGA screen you must use 320x240 as the size as is it not "true" VGA, the operating automatically doubles the size of some objects. Designing using 320x240 does not cause any issues and you do not loose any resolution, the screen is still rendered in 640x480.  If you design for a smaller screen OziCE will automatically resize the map to fill the available screen space.

Using SRTM Elevation Data

In conjunction with SRTM data, some of the parameters in the "Map" category can display data calculated from SRTM data (eg. "Height Above Ground").  To use SRTM data, the files (.hgt) should be placed in the "Data File Path" folder.

Advanced Customise Options

Menubar and Toolbars - The button functions on the Menubar and Main and Navigation Toolbars can be changed.  Modifications are done manually by changing the simple text file (.dat) in the folders under the OziExplorer 2 / System Data folder on the device.  Instructions are in the file.