Hints and Tips

Track Logging

Track logging parameters are specified in the Tracks Configuration option on the File / Configuration / Tracks Menu.

The Track Log can be turned On or Off using the option on the File / Track Log menu.

In Track logging configuration set the File Log Dist to at least 500 meters to make sure too many points are not logged. The log distance is a filter condition setting it to too low a value does not allow the filtering to work efficiently (long straight sections of track will have too many points).

Keep the track tail as short as possible - otherwise it may take too long to redraw the track for each position change causing position updates to be missed.

Distance Measurement

It is possible to use a track to measure a distance between any 2 points.

Creating Maps (ozfx3 files)

These are some techniques I use with my maps.

Map Scale and Proximity Distances

When setting the proximity distances you must consider the scale of the map you are using.  For large scale maps ( say 1:100K or greater) you may need to use proximity distance greater (say 1000m) than you would for a small scale map (say 1:25K) where a 200m proximity may be suitable.

Map Scale and Placing a Waypoint

It is unlikely a waypoint placed on a large scale map will be placed in the exact position you expect if the map is at 100% zoom. If the position is one or two pixels from the correct position at 100% zoom (which appears on the screen like the position is correct), when you zoom in, this error in position will be more noticable.

On large scale maps, where you have set small proximity distances, you must ensure that the position of the waypoint is accurate for accurate auto-prompting, by placing the waypoint at a zoom greater than 100%.  

Hints for Toolbar Buttons (Tooltips)

PocketPC only.

Press and hold on any toolbar button to display a hint for the button.  To release without activating the button, drag the stylus off the button before releasing the stylus.

Popup Information for Map Objects

Press and hold the stylus on the map or any waypoint, route waypoint or active track point until a red circle appears (approximately 0.5 seconds), release the stylus to show a window with information about the object.

Popup Menus for Map Objects

Press and hold the stylus on the map or any waypoint, route waypoint or active track point for at least 1 second to show a popup menu with several menu options.