Main Toolbar Buttons

Map View MapView - Displays the Map View.
Find a Map Find Maps - Scans the Map File paths and displays the names of the maps which cover the position at the cursor (center of screen).
Zoom Full Zoom Full - Selects a zoom level from those available so the map is roughly the same size as the screen.
Zoom 100 Zoom 100% - Selects 100% zoom.
Drag Objects Object Dragging - Activates the drag objects mode so objects can be dragged with the stylus.
Screen Control Screen Control - Activates screen control where the screen is divided into a 9 segment grid where each segment acts as a button.
Show Track Show/Hide Track - Shows or hides the track.
Show Waypoint Show/Hide Waypoints - Shows or hides the waypoints.
Show Routes Show/Hide Route - Shows or hides the route.
ozice_b_detailedmap.gif (912 bytes) Detailed Map - When in tracking mode (moving map) this button activates/deactivates the "searching for a more detailed map" function.
Name Search Name Search - Display Name Search Window.
Close - Close the program.