Route Navigation Toolbar Buttons

To turn on a toolbar:  If the Main Menu (File / View / Map) is not showing on the Program Menubar, on the menubar press the show menu button . (To see the button, it may be necessary to extend the toolbar - press thebutton, additional buttons will pop up). The Toolbars menu option is on the View Menu.

Tooltips (hints) are provided for most toolbar and dialog buttons. Hold a button down and the tooltip will appear, slide the stylus off the button and the option will not be activated.

The toolbar can be displayed as a large window version or the small toolbar style.

ozice_toolbar_route_create.gif (1405 bytes)

ozice_b_tbn_fwd.gif (903 bytes) Next waypoint - Move navigation forward to the next waypoint of the route. To move forward two waypoints, press this button twice.
ozice_b_tbn_back.gif (901 bytes) Previous waypoint - Move navigation back to the previous waypoint of the route. To move back two waypoints, press this button twice.
ozice_b_tbn_navfwd.gif (904 bytes) Start Route Forward - Turns on forward navigation along route.
ozice_b_tbn_navrev.gif (905 bytes) Start Route Reverse - Turns on reverse navigation along a route.
ozice_b_tbn_navstop.gif (907 bytes) Stop Navigation - Turns off navigation.
Show Nav Arrow - Show/Hide the Direction Arrow Window (only available while navigating).
Load File Load Route File - Load a route from an PC OziExplorer route file (.rte) or an OziExplorerCE (.rt2) file.
ozice_b_tb_close.gif (877 bytes) Close - Close navigation toolbar.