Track Toolbar Buttons

To turn on a toolbar:  If the Main Menu (File / View / Map) is not showing on the Program Menubar, on the menubar press the show menu button . (To see the button, it may be necessary to extend the toolbar - press thebutton, additional buttons will pop up). The Toolbars menu option is on the View Menu.

Tooltips (hints) are provided for most toolbar and dialog buttons. Hold a button down and the tooltip will appear, slide the stylus off the button and the option will not be activated.

Track Toolbar

Select a Track to make active Make Next Track Active - The next track (up to 5) is made active. The active track can be modified. (See Working with Tracks for more details)
Add a track point Add a Track Point - If selected, a track point is added to the end of the active track at the position on the map where you click.
Insert a track point Insert a Track Point - If selected, a track point is inserted between two track points or at the start or end of the active track depending on a best choice algorithm.
Delete a route Delete Track - The active track is deleted from the map.
Display the Track List - A list showing information about the 5 available tracks is displayed.
Load a Route Load a Track - Select a track file (.plt) to load, the track is loaded to the map as the track number showing on the button and will be the active track. 
ozice_b_tb_save.gif (901 bytes) Save a Track - The active track is saved as a track file (.plt). The track may have been created or modified on the map.
ozice_b_tb_close.gif (877 bytes) Close - Close track toolbar.

Note: The track points are shown for the active track. To delete a track point, press and hold on the point, a popup menu is displayed with an option to delete the point from the track. Other options are available on the popup menu.