OziExplorerCE Tutorial

Track Logging

While moving map tracking is ON, the moving map track can be logged to file (stored) at specified intervals. Also you can configure when to create a new track log file (such as daily / weekly).

Track logging uses an automatic method of collecting the points using the following filter.

A new track point is collected if:

Track logging configuration -

Now to turn ON track logging. 

Note: If track logging to file is not required, select the menu option again to turn off logging.

To change the track logging defaults -

The track logging defaults can be changed in Configuration.

File Log Dist - Specify the max distance before a track point is logged to disk.

New Track Log File - Select the frequency a new track file is to be created. A daily track log file will be named "Tracklog {date} daily.plt".

Now lets change the frequency a new file is created.

You may not want to change this setting so press the "X" button in the top right to close the dialog without making any changes, the original settings will not be changed. To save the changes, press the ok button on the top right of the dialog to save the settings and close the dialog. A weekly track log file will be named "Tracklog {date} weekly.plt".

Note: When the OziExplorerCE application is put in the background track logging still occurs.