Introduction to OziExplorerCE

OziExplorerCE is moving map software for PocketPC and Window CE devices (PDA's), it uses raster map images which are either scanned or purchased in digital format. It allows you to track your position received from a GPS on a map.

OziExplorerCE is not route planning software, you cannot request the best way to get from point A to point B, the types of maps OziExplorerCE uses do not allow this. However OziExplorerCE will allow you to create your own routes on the map and navigate along those.

The screens displayed by OziExplorerCE are designed on a PC using the "OziExplorerCE Screen Designer". With this you can design pages which display a map and/or parameters which give the information you want to see. A standard set of pages is provided.

The design philosophy is you plan your trip using the full PC OziExplorer on you PC and then transfer your waypoints and other data to your CE device for use by OziExplorerCE. After your trip you can transfer any collected data back to the PC OziExplorer for analysis.

OziExplorerCE runs on PocketPC and Windows CE devices but it relies on map calibrations etc to be provided by the full PC version of OziExplorer, in the respect OziExplorerCE can be considered an add-on to the full Oziexplorer software, you also need the full OziExplorer to calibrate maps, plan trips by adding waypoints etc.

The unregistered OziExplorerCE will work with the unregistered OziExplorer but the limitations of both packages will apply.

To get the full use of OziExplorerCE you must have a registered copy of OziExplorerCE and a registered copy of the full PC OziExplorer.