Making Sound Files

These websites have online Text-to-Speech Synthesis engines which allow you to enter the text you want converted to a (.wav) file. The file will be downloaded to you and Windows Media Player or similar will be run.  Save the wav file using "Save As" option on the File Menu.

AT&T Labs (good voices, several languages and choice of file format before download to you)

Festival (Festvox) (english, spanish)

Note: For some CE devices the sound files must be saved in this format PCM 11.025KHz 16 bit mono, The sound recorder program on a PC can convert sound files to this format.

Sound Files are stored in the Sound Files folder attached to the OziExplorer folder.

To have OziExplorerCE play the new sound file it must be saved using the same name as the one you want to replace. The names of all the sound file used internally by OziExplorerCE start with "ozi_".

Example : the file ozi_turn_left.wav contains the speech "turn left".