OziExplorerCE on a Polaris GPS


Polaris may have installed the trial version of OziExplorerCE on their GPS units. It may already be licensed and unlocked to a fully working version.

If not, to make it a fully working version, an OziExplorerCE License ($40) is required.

If needed, the license can be purchased from the Australian purchase page of our website.

The software does NOT include maps. For information on some popular maps that work with OziExplorerCE, see the Australian page of our website www.oziexplorer.com.  There are links at the bottom of the Australian page to other producers of maps.

If you already have maps calibrated for use in OziExplorerCE you may not need the PC version of OziExplorer, simply copy the maps to the OziExplorer/Maps folder on the GPS.

If you also want to use the maps for trip planning etc. on the PC or need to calibrate your own maps, then the PC OziExplorer license ($130) is also required.  The PC OziExplorer can be downloaded from the OziExplorer page of our website.

Adding Maps to the Polaris GPS for use with OziExplorerCE

  1. Maps are stored on the memory card in the OziExplorer "Maps" folder.
  2. For each map, 2 files are required (a) the OziExplorer calibration file (.map) and the map itself (it may have the file extension .ozf2, .ozfx3, .ecw or another of the supported formats)
  3. To use the maps on the Polaris, copy the 2 files for each map to the memory card.
  4. If the maps do not load when GPS tracking is "ON" check the following.
  5. "Image file not found or could not be loaded".  If this message is received it means the (.map) file has been copied ok, but the actual map image is not there.  Check and make sure the 2 files have been copied for each map.

Hema Maps - To use the Hema Maps, copy the folders containing the maps to the OziExplorer “Maps” folder on the memory card.

For the 2012 Hema 4WD Raster Map Collection, to copy all the maps, there are 3 folders to be copied.  For other versions of the maps the folder names may be different to what is shown below.

Running OziExplorerCE on the Polaris GPS

To have the option to be able to run either OziExplorerCE or the street nav program, you must first Exit / Quit from the program running.

If you are unable to run OziExplorerCE, first exit from the street nav program. 

OziExplorerCE Online Help

See the Help section of the OziExplorerCE page at www.oziexplorer.com


Upgrading OziExplorerCE

Download the update from the link below.


  1. Copy the "OziExplorerCE.exe" file to the Polaris.