OziMC and Garmin Mapping GPS Receivers

OziExplorer/OziMC does not suport uploading of new maps to any Garmin GPS. It is NOT possible for me to do so. Only Garmins Mapsource products can do that.

OziMC does NOT work with the Lowrance Mapcreate 5 or Mapcreate 6 CDROM

These models - LCX-16 CI, LCX-15 CT, LCX-15 MT, GlobalMap® 3000MT, Globalmap 2400, LMS-240 and iFINDER™ need Mapcreate 5 or 6.

This means OziMC cannot be used for these GPS Receivers or any other models which need Mapcreate 5 or 6.

What OziMC will NOT Do

OziMC is not magic, it is difficult to use, tedious, time consuming. Every new feature you want to upload to the GPS must be drawn by hand on the maps loaded into OziExplorer. I would class OziMC to be more suited for the dedicated GPS user.

OziMC cannot upload any raster map to a GPS, this includes DRG's, BSB's, BMP's, TIF's or any other raster map. The mapping GPS receivers use a vector format for their maps.

OziMC allows you to trace features from a raster map loaded in OziExplorer and then save these into a vector format suitable for upload to a Lowrance or Eagle mapping GPS. This is an arduous process but quite satisfying when you seen your own maps on the GPS screen. Vectorization of a raster map has been tried but is not practical, it must be done using third party software and no conversion software exists. OziMC will never have vectorization built in.

OziMC Reviews

For a review of OziMC by the GpsNuts - OziMC Review

John Galvin's "Using Vector Maps with OziExplorer/OziMC"

There also is a review of OziMC by Ron Henderson . This review is based on an earlier version. 

Attention: Users of Lowrance and Eagle Mapping GPS Receivers which can upload maps using the Lowrance MapCreate CD.

OziMC is an addon to OziExplorer which allows you to create new features (roads, tracks and rivers) on OziExplorer maps and write these into new files which integrate into the Lowrance MapCreate (tm) software, the new features can be selected and uploaded to your GPS using the MapCreate software.

Existing Features on the MapCreate CD can also be edited and saved.

The features are added to the maps using improvements on the "track creation" methods currently available in OziExplorer.

To use OziMC you will need, a Lowrance or Eagle GPS Receiver which can use the MapCreate CDROM to upload maps, version 3.83 or later of OziExplorer and the OziMC software.

It will have many bugs so consider yourself warned.

If you are successful in using OziMC please email me and let me know so I can get some idea of how its going. Could you also send me details about the make and model of GPS, the mapcreate software version and whether you have successfully seen newly created features on the GPS screen.

If you find any problems, especially resetting of the GPS immediately after uploading new features please notify me immediately, I would also like to get the data files where possible.

Please note that OziMC creates data files that will be uploaded to your GPS, this could result in corruption of data in the GPS or worse. You use OziMC completely and absolutely at your own risk.

The software is being released as both a trial and a registered version.

Downloading OziMC

Download OziMCsetup.exe (if you upgrade from a previous version of CreateOziMC then you must run it again (selecting your regions) to add then new feature types.)

Download OziMC Help (Unzip and place in the folder where OziExplorer is installed.)

Plus - You also need version 3.85 (or better) of OziExplorer which can be downloaded from the OziExplorer page.

Installing OziMC

OziMC comes in 2 parts, an installation program for OziMC (ozimcsetup.exe) which installs the program called CreateOziMC.exe which needs to be run to set up the directory structures and data files and OziExplorer version 3.83 or later which is where you do the feature editing.

CreateOziMC.exe MUST be installed in the same directory as OziExplorer (usually c:\oziexplorer).

Important - OziMC must be installed in the same directory as OziExplorer, normally c:\oziexplorer. You must remember this as it is not indicated during the installation process.

OziExplorer version 3.83 or later is provided as an exe file and needs to be unzipped to the oziexplorer directory.

After you have installed OziExplorer and OziMC run the new OziExplorer, this will then detect the precense of OziMC and install it into the OziExplorer Menu system. There will be help for OziMC on the OziExplorer Help menu, please read this help thoroughly it will guide you through the rest of the installation and of course the operation of OziMC.

Registering OziMC

The cost to register OziMC is $25.00 US

The is no online registation available via my web site at this stage, if you decide you really want to register immediately contact me via email and I will send you the details.

Differences between the Trial Version and the Registered Version


The trial version allows you to create new Major roads and edit the Major roads supplied. The registered version has create/edit access to all the features - Major Roads, Minor Roads, Tracks, Rivers, Political Boundaries, Railroads.

The trial version puts a random error (up to +/- 300 metres) into the features it writes for upload to the GPS. This seems a bit harsh but there were reasons I had to do this. However the error is not all that bad when you consider the original world map data may have errors to 1000 metres or more.

USA Smartmaps

The trial version only allows you to create new Rural roads, it does not allow you to edit the supplied Rural roads. The registered version has create/edit access to all the features - Highways, Rural Roads, City Streets (with City Streets CD), Streams, Railroads.

The trial version puts a random error (up to +/- 150 metres) into the features it writes for upload to the GPS.

Except for these items the registered version is the same in all other aspects.

In USA Smartmaps features which cannot be edited have the word "unregistered" in the status column. However these features can be viewed by double clicking on the feature.

GPS Screen Shots from GM100

This is the area around my home using the original MapCreate maps.

Pretty impressive.

This is a screen shot of the same area after using OziMC addon to OziExplorer to create new map features.

The original roads have been removed as they were not correct.

Here I have used "Major Roads" (double line) to show the major arterials, "Minor Roads" (single black line) have been used for the major surburban roads. A new river has been added (grey line) and the original river has been shifted into roughly the correct position but will eventually be redrawn completely. Railway lines have been added.

The minor streets have not been shown, the 60 metre resolution on World map data means fine details like streets would not draw in the correct place. These could be added using the OziSM map type which has 3 meter resolution.

Names and symbols are not shown as these have not yet been added to OziMC.