OziExplorer - USB to Serial Port Adapter Support

USB - Serial Port Adapter

A USB to Serial Port Adapter is required to connect a GPS which only has a serial connector to a PC / Laptop which only has USB ports.  For example, most GPS receivers are required to connect to a Serial Port but most new laptops only have USB ports, they may not have a Serial Port.

A USB to Serial Port Adapter creates a new Serial Port on your PC.

A Serial Port on a PC looks like this -
some computers do not have one.
USB Port on a PC or Laptop USB to Serial Adapter

The adapter will come with drivers to install on the PC. It is IMPORTANT to follow the instructions supplied with the adapter before connecting the adapter to the PC. Failing to do this may cause the adapter to not work correctly or at all.

When the adapter software is installed, a virtual serial port will be added to your PC.

You need to note the port number which is configured by the adapter. (if you do not know, check the port number in Windows Settings / Control Panel / System / Device Manager)

You can use our GpsPortChecker program to see if it can find your GPS. This program can also indicate what Serial Ports are available on your PC.

In OziExplorer configuration, select this as the serial port to use.

Trouble Shooting

I have installed the adapter but I cannot OziExplorer to work with my GPS.

My USB to Serial Port Adapter allocates a New Com Port number every time I plug it in.

Some adapters do not contain a unique serial number, this means Windows cannot determine that the same device is being plugged in so it assumes it is a new device and allocates a new number.

When I plug my GPS into the adapter or reboot the PC with the GPS plugged in the mouse cursor jumps around the screen.

See this page for advice Mouse Jumping Support page

These days the majority of USB to Serial Port Adapters work ok, below is a link to an adapter which we know works.



Garmin USB and Magellan USB GPS receivers are dedicated USB devices and connect direct to a USB port, they do not require a USB to Serial Port Adapter.

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