OziExplorer - Magellan GPS

This page has information on specific Magellan GPS models.


You can still use OziExplorer with the Triton by using the Magellan VantagePoint software.

VantagePoint can read and write gpx files and so can OziExplorer. So by the use of gpx files you can move the data between OziExplorer, VantagePoint and the gps.

In VantagePoint the options are available by clicking on the VP logo on the top left of the software (you use the Open and Save menu options to load to and from VP).

To transfer data from OziExplorer to VantagePoint, use the "Export to GPX (Wps and Tracks)" option on the Save Menu to save the data in GPX format.

To load data from VantagePoint to OziExplorer, use the "Import GPX File (Wps and Tracks)" option on the Load Menu to load the GPX file.

Magellan Crossover

OziExplorer cannot communicated directly with the Crossover but should be able to read / write data files to the SD Card which has been removed from the GPS and placed in a card reader connected to the PC.

The following information has been posted on the OziExplorer user group.


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