OziExplorer - Help F.A.Q.

The program will not run and causes a Page Fault Error.

Some Help windows are run when you first run OziExplorer. Sometimes this Help will cause an error in Windows.

Microsoft has published a fix for this error in Windows 98 (Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 196067)

Another reference for other Windows versions (Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 253168)

Help will not run when selected on the OziExplorer Help Menu.

Microsoft HTML Help Engine Update

If you find the new HTML Help doesn't work correctly or at all, you need to update the Windows help engine from Microsoft. 

This link will take you to the main html help download page Microsoft Help Engine Update.
This link will get the actual file required Download Hhupd.exe 1.40 (716 KB).

OziExplorers own Help Engine

If you cannot use the HTML help file because you do not have Internet Explorer installed (or too old a version) then the regular Ozi help is here ozihelp2_setup.exe .

Install into the folder where OziExplorer is installed. OziExplorer will detect it and use it instead of HTML help. However you will have no search capabilities.

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