Hints & Tips

see also Frequently Asked Questions  Special Keys and Stuff

  1. To drag objects around on the map press the Drag button on the toolbar and drag the object with the mouse pointer. If the Drag button is not down, hold down the shift key while dragging with the left mouse button.
  2. To change the size of the MapView window place the mouse pointer on the MapView window and click the right mouse button. Select the desired size from the menu. This size is remembered the next time you run the software.
  3. To scroll the map by dragging use the left mouse button.
  4. To display new roads which is not on the map use this technique. Manually create a track where the new road runs. Set the track color and width etc using the Track Control, save it to a file. Attach this track file to the map using the "Attach Track, Waypoint ..... Files" option on the Options section of the map calibration form, the track will then be loaded automatically with the map. This option will also allow you to attach waypoint, event or route files also, however conditions apply for these. Point files can be attached using the same method.
  5. You can attach a waypoint, event or route file to a map so it is automatically loaded by using the Options button on the Map Calibration form.
  6. To gain access to the properties of a waypoint, event, map feature or map comment place the cursor on the object and press the right mouse button. You can also double click on the object to open the properties window.
  7. If you have 2 Waypoints or any 2 Map Objects (waypoints, events, map features or map comments) which are overlaying each other or to close together to work with you can hide the object on top by choosing the Hide option on the properties menu (right click on the object). To Unhide the objects select the Unhide Options.
  8. If you put the .map file and the image file in the same folder OziExplorer will always find the image regardless of its link in the map file.
  9. By Right Clicking on the MapView window a menu of options is provided.
  10. By Right clicking on the Regional Map Window a menu of options is provided.