OziExplorer - Running OziExplorer on a MAC or Linux Computer

Frequently Asked Questions

Running OziExplorer on a Linux PC

We do not have a Linux version of OziExplorer but a user has OziExplorer running under Linux using the Wine Emulator. Follow the link below for the procedure he used.

LINUX - Running OziExplorer in Linux using Wine version: 0.9.16

Running OziExplorer on a MAC

OziExplorer can run on a Mac using a PC emulator. You need to install a copy of Microsoft Windows in the virtual environment or using Bootcamp on Intel based Mac to boot into Windows.

For older Macs (not using intel cpu) use Virtual PC or for new OS X Macs with the Intel CPU use either Bootcamp or emulation software called VirtualBox or Parallels

VirtualBox (Sun Microsystems Inc.) is free for personal use. It works in OS X on Intel Macs.

(I have tested OziExplorer running with VirtualBox and Windows XP on an iMac without any known issues).

Using Virtual PC Version 6.1 or later.

However Virtual PC on the Macintosh needs an option enabled before running.

Before the code of an application is executed Virtual PC for the Macintosh pre-translates the blocks of i386 code to PowerPC code to achieve higher performance, this is not compatible with the code security method OziExplorer uses so it will not run.

To use OziExplorer within Virtual PC on a Mac, you need to disable this pre-translation. This is can be done on Virtual PC 6.1 and later versions.

Instructions to disable pre-translation

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