Running OziExplorer under LINUX
(Contributed by OziExplorer users)

(Note: We do not have a Linux version of OziExplorer but a user has OziExplorer running using this procedure.)

Linux Distribution: Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS "Dapper Drake"
OziExplorer version: 3.95.4m
Wine version: 0.9.16

I succeeded in making OziExplorer work, apparently with all features...

Full Procedure:

Step 1. Install "Wine" (I followed the instructions in the "ubuntu user documentation" to get the latest version):

First, in Synaptic, add the following repository

deb dapper main

Then, reload, update, and install wine
When you first run wine, it will create a .wine directory in you home dir. Inside it, will be a "drive_c" that simulates the windows environment.

**If you're using another linux distribution, download the software from and follow the instructions)

Step 2. copy the file "oziexp_setup. exe" to ~/.wine

I tried running it from another location, but it failed (I don't know why)

Step 3. In the terminal, change to the "~/.wine" directory, where oziexp_setup.exe is.

Step 4. Run the OziExplorer installation file with wine. In the terminal, type:

wine oziexp_setup.exe

The setup will install OziExplorer under ~/.wine/drive_c/OziExplorer/
(if you have any trouble here with permissions, try running wine with "sudo". type: "sudo wine oziexp_setup.exe"
If you use another distribution without "sudo" run the command as "root")

The program won't run just yet ...

Thanks to Stephen B, in the "WineHQ" (on Tuesday November 8th 2005) the initial crash problem is solved:
Under ~/.wine/drive_c/OziExplorer/, edit the file "oziexp.ini", adding the following lines (It disables the tooltips at the start):

Show Start=0
Getting Started=0

Now it works! (at least it should...)

We just have to setup the gps... Apparently, serial communication works fine, but I can't guarantee it because my GPS connects through USB.
If your GPS connects through serial COM, you must only remember that in linux, COM1=/dev/ttyS0, COM2=/dev/ttyS1, etc.

Step 5. (Additional step required for Garmin USB GPS's)

In the case of USB connection, I use a "Garmin GPS60". Gamin drivers are already built into Ubuntu kernel, so Linux should recognize the device.
After connecting the GPS, run "dmesg" to find out: you should see lines like these:
[17193444.360000] usb 1-3: new full speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 4
[17193444.560000] garmin_gps 1-3:1.0: Garmin GPS usb/tty converter detected
[17193444.560000] usb 1-3: Garmin GPS usb/tty converter now attached to ttyUSB0

The problem is OziExplorer doesn't recognize "/dev/...", so we can get around the problem making a "sym link" from "COM to USB". I chose COM3 to avoid interference with other things (COM3=/dev/ttyS2).
In the terminal, type:

sudo ln -sb /dev/ttyUSB0 /dev/ttyS2

(the "b" option makes a backup copy of ttyS2 in case you want to "get back")
After that, you must start OziExplorer by typing:

wine ~/.wine/drive_c/OziExplorer/OziExp.exe

In "Ozi", go to the menu "File" > "Configuration" > "GPS" and choose your GPS make and model.
Then, under "COM" choose COM3, leave the "Garmin USB" or other UNCHECKED (this way, the software "thinks" the GPS is under COM3...)
SAVE the configuration and exit.

Step 6. ITS DONE!!! By now, you must be able to communicate to and from the GPS, and have OziExplorer working just fine!

I hope this will help someone...

Another experience

I would like to inform you about my experience with Oziexplorer 3.95.4s on an Acer Aspire One 150 with Ubuntu 8.04 as OS. As Windows becomes less attractive nowadays with Vista I decided to try this Linux version. Ozie installation is no problem. Once I installed wine, I clicked the Ozie setup.exe file and Ozie installed automatically. I experienced the "tip of the day crash" as described on your site, so disabled it at startup. In the configuration I set the GPS model to NMEA only and All Makes and the COM port at 3. I also installed gpsd that is the Linux tool for GPS communication. xgps is also handy for checking if the connection is working. It's more or less the same as Show GPS Fix Data.

I use an Adapt AD-350 GPS receiver ( that communicates with the AA1 via a bluetooth adapter that is plugged in one of the USB ports.  I run gpsd /dev/rfcomm0 to start up the communication. xgps can be used to check in this stage. The problems I had was that the bluetooth signal is coming in thru a port named rfcomm0 in stead of a USB port. Therefore I use the following command sudo ln -sb /dev/rfcomm0 /dev/ttyS2 to redirect. Then I start Oziexplorer and moving map. In order to reduce typing I created the following executable script Ozie and created a desktop link to it:

gpsd /dev/rfcomm0
echo PASSWORD | sudo -S ln -sb /dev/rfcomm0 /dev/ttyS2
env WINEPREFIX="/home/USER/.wine" wine "C:\OziExplorer\OziExp.exe"

PASSWORD needs to be replaced by the appropriate user password to have the sudo ln command executed and USER by the appropriate folder name where .wine is located.

We succesfully used Oziexplorer on our five-week trip around east and mid Australia. See attached example plt file.

Hope you can use this to help other people Using Oziexplorer on Ubuntu. I once read somewhere: Windows is not the answer, Windows is the question, the answer is NO.