OziExplorer - Possible System Problems

Here I am not meaning the odd bug in OziExplorer which causes an error or occasional crash of the software. I mean a crash which could cause a "General Protection Fault" or a system wide crash or lockup, usually every time you run OziExplorer.

There are some systems which do have this problem, some of the problems and cures are discussed below.

Most problems seem to be caused by the Graphics card drivers and usually graphics cards which use high acceleration.

To test this you can turn down the acceleration of the graphics card and try OziExplorer.

Another quick test which sometimes works is to put the display into 256 color mode, this turns off acceleration as well.

OziExplorer causes a "General Protection Fault" . The error generated will look something like this.

OZIEXP caused a general protection fault
in module GRF128.DRV at 0001:00001263.
EAX=00000000 CS=0357 EIP=00001894 EFLGS=00000246

Look at the module name if it has a .DRV extension the module is most likely part of your Graphic Card drivers. (Note that older versions of Windows95 do not report the name of the module).

There is little that can be done to Oziexplorer to fix these problems, it is likely being cause by bugs in the graphics card drivers.

The manufacturer of the graphics card may have new drivers available which have fixed the problem so check out their web site. New drivers have cured this problem in a couple of graphics cards so far.

OziExplorer loads ok but when the cursor is moved onto the toolbar (or position display region) the whole system locks, only the mouse moves.

See the Support page of the Diamond web site.

If you get an error eOutofResources error this indicates that Windows has run out of Resources and OziExplorer could not obtain what it required. A reboot of the System may help

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