OziExplorer - Trouble Shooting

OziExplorer does not run when I try to open OziExplorer.

If Oziexplorer suddenly stops working when you try to open OziExplorer. Sometimes the main screen appears and the cursor is spinning and goes no further.

Solution: Run the "Reset OziExplorer Defaults" option on the Windows Start Menu (OziExplorer folder).

GPS Connection Problems

I am having problems connecting my GPS to OziExplorer

My PC / Laptop only has USB ports (does not have a serial port), how do I connect my GPS

If you have a GPS which connects by a Serial Port you need to purchase a USB to Serial Port adapter so you can connect the GPS to the Serial Port of the adapter which plugs into the USB port.

See this page for details USB to Serial Port Adapter page

When I plug my GPS into the adapter or reboot the PC with the GPS plugged in the mouse cursor jumps around the screen.

See this page for advice Mouse Jumping Support page

Waypoint Positions (any positions) do not agree

Datums are complicated and many users seem to get these settings wrong.

If your waypoint positions are not where you think they should be it is most likely caused by a datum mismatch. Typically a datum problem can alter a position by 50 to 200 meters but it could be less or more for some datums.

Moving Map position is incorrect

When using "Moving Map" and you position is slightly off the correct position on the map check these items:

  1. That you have the Map Datum set correctly.
  2. That you have the OziExplorer GPS NMEA Output Datum set correctly. For Garmins this must be set to the same datum as the GPS, for most other GPS's it should be set to WGS 84. The Eagle Explorer and Lowrance GN200 require it to be set to match the GPS datum.

See Datums help for more information.

Using GPS readings to Calibrate a map

When calibrating a map and are using readings from your GPS make sure the readings were taken with the GPS datum set to the same datum as the map.

Screen Display Problems

If the map appears blocked and disjointed, usually after zooming the map then this is usually caused by the graphics card drivers. See the section Problems with Graphics Cards the same fix applies for this.

Waypoint Symbols will not Print

This is a problem which seems to occur on just some printers, the cause has not been determined yet. A work around to this problem is to activate a different symbol printing procedure, this can be activated by placing a file called "nopcanvas.dat" into the folder where OziExplorer is installed, is does not matter what is in the file. The Object Scale parameter on the print dialog does not work using this method.

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