Models Supported

If the model you have was produced after 01/01/2001 it is most likely supported even if it does not appear in the list below. In this case select "Other Magellans" as the GPS model and adjust the GPS parameters to suit the model specifications.

This is a list of Magellan GPS Receivers Compatible with the Data Transfer Specification
(OziExplorer uses this specification for GPS receivers which use serial communications)

Note - Any models produced since 01/01/2001 are always compatible with the specification so may not appear in this list.


Compatible firmware versions

GPS 2000XL

Version 6.00 or greater

GPS 3000XL (two channel)

Version 4.00 or greater

GPS 3000XL (12 channel)

Version 5.00 or greater

GPS 4000XL (two channel)

Version 4.00 or greater

GPS 4000XL (12 channel)

Version 5.00 or greater

GPS Meridian XL

Version 4.02 or greater

GPS Trailblazer XL

Version 4.01 or greater

Nav 6000 (two channel)

Version 1.00 or greater

Nav 6000 (12 channel)

Version 2.00 or greater

GPS Tracker

Version 1.00 or greater

GPS ColorTrak

Version 1.00 or greater

GPS 315

Version 1.00 or greater

GPS 320

Version 1.00 or greater

Map 410

Version 1.00 or greater

OziExplorer Configuration Setting

Note the Explorist USB models do not use the serial port for upload/download of waypoints, routes and tracks. Files are read and written directly to the GPS. For USB GPS receivers you do not have to configure the "general Com Settings" or "Upload/Download Baud Rate".

  1. Go to the GPS tab on the Configuration dialog
  2. Using GPS Make combo box select Magellan
  3. Using the GPS Model combo box select the model from the list. If your model is not on the list select the model as Other Magellans.
  4. Using the GPS Symbol Set combo box select the Symbol set to match the symbols in your GPS. If unsure leave it as it is as the most likely symbol set has already been selected.
  5. Adjust the GPS Parameters to match the specification of your model of GPS. These parameters may be mentioned in the manual. If unsure leave them as they are as the most likely set of parameters has already been selected. Magellan GPS receivers do not have Events (one of the parameters), this can be set to 500 so they can be used as markers on the map.
  6. Set the GPS Upload/Download Datum to WGS 84 (always)
  7. The GPS NMEA Output Datum needs be checked, some models output in WGS84 and others such as the 315/320 output in the Datum the GPS is set to. This can be checked by putting the GPS into simulator mode, setting up moving map in OziExplorer, and by changing the GPS datum see if the position readout on the status line changes, the GPS NMEA datum setting in OziExplorer can be set to WGS 84 for this test. If the positions change as the GPS datum is changed then the GPS NMEA Datum setting in OziExplorer needs to be set to match the Datum setting of the GPS.
  8. Goto the Comms tab on the Configuration dialog.
  9. Select the Comm Port Number to match the one you are using on the PC
  10. Set Parity to none
  11. Set the Upload/Download Baud rate to match the setting you have in your GPS. Note : Use a Baud rate of 4800 for initial testing to make sure everything works ok, you can then increase it later (see special instructions below regarding baud rates).
  12. The NMEA Baud rate must be set the same as the Upload/Download Baud Rate.
  13. Do not alter the AutoPilot settings unless required.

Special Instructions

Moving Map (Real Time tracking)

To use the GPS for moving map in OziExplorer the NMEA setting in the GPS must be set to V2.1 GSA.

Note : Some models do not transmit NMEA sentences unless they have a valid fix or are in "Simulator" mode.

Baud Rates

Does not apply to USB receivers for upload/download.

For initial testing always use a Baud rate of 4800.

If you have the Magellan DataSend CDROM you should leave the Baud rate set to 4800 as the DataSend software requires this baud rate to function with the GPS.

This is an extract from Magellans Protocol document

(only applies to the older models)

For reasons dealing with the internal priority structure of the software inside most Magellan consumer GPS units, in normal mode this protocol will work best at 4800 baud.

Make sure you have the baud rate settings the same in the GPS and in Oziexplorer Configuration.

Special Notes

Some Magellan units refer to Landmarks and Points of Interest, these are referred to as Waypoints in OziExplorer.

Track Upload

Early model Magellans do not allow the track to be uploaded to the GPS.

The ColorTrak and Tracker with later version ROM software, the 315 and 320 and other late model units do allow track upload. In general any model produced since 01/01/2001 do allow the track to be uploaded.

Magellan model 315/320 Points of Interest (POI)

The 315, 320 and some other Models have a feature called Points of Interest (POI) and come preloaded with many thousand of these. POI's show a location, symbol and name for an object which may be a town, airport, navigation marker etc.

The GPS models which have uploadable maps also have POI's but these are uploaded with the map data and are not supported for upload by OziExplorer.

It is not possible to download POI's from the GPS, there is no command to do this.

It is not possible to upload individual POI's to a GPS, they must all be uploaded at once and this deletes the POI's already in the unit, even the ones that are put in there at the factory.

OziExplorer has the ability to create new POI's for upload to a Magellan which supports them, see the Datasend POI Manager