see also  GPS - NMEA Only menu

This GPS make is selected if your GPS is not one of the directly supported types.

When this GPS make is selected a menu called GPS - NMEA Only appears in the menus. This menu has 2 options for uploading and downloading waypoints which may work with many makes of GPS, these options are detailed here  GPS - NMEA Only menu

Even if you own a GPS which is not supported by OziExplorer for upload/download of waypoints etc it can still be used for moving map operation if it outputs the correct NMEA sentence(s).

The required sentence(s) are :

However there is no guarantee that the software will work with other receivers.

NOTE - other talker Id's are also allowed e.g. $LCGGA (Loran-C receiver).

If you do not know the Baud rate of the GPS you are using try 4800 as this is the standard for NMEA output.