Route Editor

wRouteEditor.gif (9645 bytes)


Upper List - The number of Routes available. This number depends on how many routes are available in your GPS and how many you specified in the GPS parameters in configuration.

Lower List - A list of the waypoints in the Route selected in the upper list. The list scrolls to the right to see all the columns. To see the list in full press the Show button to the right of the list.


Add Wp - Depressing this button the allows you to click on top of waypoints on the map and they are automatically added to the end of the selected Route.

Properties  - Opens the selected Route properties.

Show (Routes) - Shows or hides the routes on the map.

ReLink - If you make any changes to a waypoints geographic position or sort the waypoints you need to press this button to relink the waypoints stored in the route to the actual waypoints in the waypoint file you used when the routes were created. Note that relinking does not work if you change the names of 1 or more waypoints. The Route must be manually edited to fix name changes.

Help - Display this help.

Reduce/Expand Arrow - Reduces the size of the Route Editor dialog to get it out of the way.

Clear  - Cleas the waypoints from the selected Route.

Send - Send the selected Route to the GPS.

Get - Gets the selected Route from the GPS.

bUpDown.gif (1049 bytes) Route Up/Down - Moves the position of the route up and down in the list.

Show (Route List) - Show the Route in a larger dialog.

Move (Up) - Move the selected waypoint up in the list.

Move (Down) - Move the selected down in the list.

Delete - Delete the selected waypoint from this Route.