Working with Tracks

Also see the Track Tutorial (click here)

Tracks can be downloaded from the GPS, loaded from file or manually created.

Tracks which have been downloaded from the GPS can also be modified manually.

OziExplorer can display multiple tracks on a map at the same time but with the following conditions.

The Active Track is the track selected in the Track Control, if the Track Control is not visible the the Active Track is Track 1.

Uploading to the GPS

A Track downloaded from the GPS always loads into track number 1. The track can then be saved to disk and reloaded from disk into any track number. When uploading to the GPS it is always loaded from Track number so you must load the track from disk into track 1 first.

Loading Tracks

Tracks can be loaded from file from Load menu or from the Track Control. Multiple tracks can be selected and loaded at the same time.

Use the Track Properties on the Track Control to set the properties for each of the tracks. By saving the track the properties are saved with the track. Each track can be displayed with independent properties.

Manually Creating Tracks

Tracks can be created directly onto the map and then saved to file and/or sent to the GPS.

To manually create a Track.

When manually creating a track you are working with the Active Track.

Press down the Manually Create Track Point Button which is located on the button bar - The Track Control also has this button as well as an Insert Track Point button.

Move the mouse pointer to a selected location on the map and press the left mouse button - a track point will be added to the map joined to the last previous point which was created. You can continue adding track points.

Special keys which can be used when Creating Track Features

For efficient creating of map features the use of these key combinations is essential, I suggest you print them out or write them down so they are easily seen.

Holding the Alt key down when creating a new track point will automatically start a new track section.

Holding the Shift key down when creating a new track point will "snap" onto the closest track point to the point where you clicked.

Holding the Shift & Ctrl keys down together when creating a new track point will "snap" onto the closest track line to the point where you clicked.

Holding the Shift & Alt keys down together will create a new track section and "snap" to the nearest track point.

Holding the Shift & Ctrl & Alt keys down together ( need good finger control) will create a new track section and "snap" to the nearest track line.

These options are also available on the right click menu of track points.

Working with Track Points

The "Enable Mouse on Track Points" button on the Track Toolbar allows the mouse to interact with track points.

The Selection Control on the OziExplorer Select menu allows track points or track sections to be selected and saved or deleted.

Splitting and Joining Tracks

Splitting or Joining Track Sections

A track can be split into sections (putting a break in the track).  Open the Track Control and select the track to be split. Press the Track List button to show the list of the track points. Select the track point where the break in the track is required. To help select the correct track point, a location cursor on the currently selected track point is displayed. Press the split/join button to split the track and create a new track section at the selected track point. If the selected track point is the first point of a section, the section will be joined to the previous section. The section number is shown in the track list for each track point.

Splitting Track Sections into Individual Tracks

To split track sections into individual tracks, on the Track Control, select the track and select the "Split Track Sections into Separate Tracks" option on the drop down menu button of the Track Control. New tracks will be created in the track control for each track section.

Another method is in the Track List, select the first point for the track to be saved, hold down the Shift key and select the last point for the track. The track points will be selected. (while holding the shift key, the down or up arrow can be used to select the track points). Click the Save button on the top of the Track List to save the selected points to a new track.