OziExplorer CE - Using OziExplorerCE on a DigOptions Device

This is a GPS Navigator Brand sold in Australia

OziExplorerCE on a DigOptions GPS


DigOptions sell 2 types of navigator - they either run the Android O/S or Windows CE O/S.

DigOptions may have installed the trial version of OziExplorerCE or OziExplorer Android on their GPS units.

To make it a fully working version

(make sure you purchase the license for the correct O/S - Android or Windows CE)

The license can be purchased from the Australian purchase page of our website.  Once you have received the license by email, enter the license codes into OziExplorerCE (or OziExplorer Android) on your device.

The software does NOT include maps. (DigOptions may include off-road maps for you). For information on some popular maps that work with OziExplorer, see the Australian page of our website www.oziexplorer.com.

Problem getting a GPS signal?  If OziExplorerCE cannot obtain a signal from the GPS using the "Auto Find NMEA GPS" in Configuration, contact DigOptions, an update may be required.

To update the OziExplorerCE Software (not normally required) - see the section below.

Running OziExplorerCE (or OziExplorer Android) on the DigOptions GPS

Most navigators of the DigOptions GPS have the option to run either Street Navigation software or Off Road / 4WD software such as OziExplorer).

To have the option to be able to run either OziExplorer or the street nav program, you may first need to Exit / Quit from the program running.  If you are unable to run OziExplorer because the Street Nav program is running, first exit from the Street Nav program.

NOTE: We do not know how DigOptions have configured their devices to run these programs, if you are uncertain, you will need to discuss this with DigOptions. 


See here for important information about using maps in OziExplorerCE - Using Maps In OziExplorerCE

See here for important information about using maps in OziExplorer for Android - Using Maps In OziExplorer for Android

DigOptions may include off-road maps, if not you will need to add them.  The maps purchased from the Australian page of our website are ready to use on the DigOptions GPS. (See the Adding Maps section below to add them to the GPS).

IMPORTANT : In OziExplorerCE (or OziExplorer Android) configuration, you must configure the Map File Path, this is so OziExplorer knows where to look for maps to load. DigOptions may not have configured the software to the location of the maps, it is always best to check this setting.

If you also want to use the maps for trip planning etc. on the PC or need to calibrate your own maps, then the PC OziExplorer license ($130) is also required.  The PC OziExplorer can be downloaded from the OziExplorer page of our website.

Adding Maps to the DigOptions GPS for use with OziExplorer

  1. Maps are stored on the memory card in the OziExplorer "Maps" folder. (DigOptions may call this the OffRoad/Maps folder)
  2. For each map, 2 files are required (a) the OziExplorer calibration file (.map) and the map itself (it may have the file extension .ozf2, .ozfx3,.ozf4, .ecw or another of the supported formats)
  3. To use the maps on the DigOptions, copy the 2 files for each map to the memory card.
  4. IMPORTANT : In OziExplorer configuration, you must configure the Map File Path, this is so OziExplorerCE (or OziExplorer Android) knows where to look for maps to load.

    see this link for more information - http://www.oziexplorer3.com/ozice/help/ozice_d_config.html

  5. If the maps do not load when GPS tracking is "ON" check the following.
  6. "Image file not found or could not be loaded".  If this message is received it means the (.map) file has been copied ok, but the actual map image is not there.  Check and make sure the 2 files have been copied for each map.

Online Help

DigOptions Windows CE Navigator - See the Help section of the OziExplorerCE page at www.oziexplorer.com


DigOptions (Masten) Android Navigator - See the Help section of the OziExplorer Android page


Customizing the OziExplorerCE Menus (not applicable to OziExplorer Android)

On some screen resolutions the dialogs may be too small.  These can be customized using the options in OziExplorerCE Configuration/General Settings/Sys2 tab.  Customize the menu and dialog sizes to suit.

Some user suggested settings are :

Menu font size: 8
Dialog Font: 18
Toolbar size: 18
Menubar size: 1
Keyboard size: 6
and ticked the checkbox.

All further help can be found at OziExplorerCE Configuration

Upgrading OziExplorerCE (not applicable to OziExplorer Android)

Download the update from the link below.


  1. Copy the "OziExplorerCE.exe" file to the DigOptions offroad folder.  (this is possibly called "storage card/offroad")

  2. For some reason unknown to us, DigOptions have chosen to rename the "OziExplorerCE.exe" to "OffRoad.exe" on some of their devices.  If so, to be able to run the update from the DigOption menus, the OziExplorerCE.exe must be renamed to OffRoad.exe.