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Important information about OziExplorer Maps

If you do not have a (.map) file for your map, see the section "How is the map file created" below.

Converting Maps

Important Information - Please Read

Map Images which are not in the .ozf2, .ozfx3, .ozf4, .ecw and .jp2 formats should be converted using our img2ozf software.

To convert the unsupported maps, use the "Img2Ozf"  software which can be downloaded from this web site. More information about Img2Ozf.

Copying maps to the device

Please Note : when you copy the map image (.ozf2, .ozfx3, .ozf4, .ecw or .jp2) to your device, you must also copy the .map file for the map image.

Using a storage card (sdcard) on your device to store your maps

Configuring OziExplorer to know where your maps are stored

How is the map file (.map) created

(PC OziExplorer is used to do this)

The map file can be created two ways using the PC OziExplorer. Both options are items on the File Menu of OziExplorer.

Additional Information

Read these sections of the OziExplorer Help