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Important information about OziExplorer Maps

If you do not have a (.map) file for your map, see the section "How is the map file created" below.

Important Information - Please Read - It may be necessary to convert some maps.  Some maps are very large and the memory available on the device may not be enough to load the map causing a memory error message.  If this occurs, use the Img2Ozf (link above) to convert the map.  Our "OZF4" format only requires a small memory requirement when loaded.

Copying maps to the device

Using our "Img2Ozf" program to copy maps.  (Recommended method)

The program "Img2Ozf" (Version 3.15 or later) has a "Copy Maps to Device" feature and can be used to copy maps to the device or Memory Card reader. (See the Img2Ozf program help for instructions on configuring Img2Ozf for your device connection type).  Img2Ozf Information Page

Alternate method to manually copy the maps. 

Please Note : when you copy the map image (.ozf2, .ozfx3, .ozf4 or .ecw) to your device, you must also copy the (.map) file for the map image.

Using a storage card on your device to store your maps

Configuring OziExplorer to know where your maps are stored

For Australians - Using the Hema 4WD Maps supplied on DVD

  1. Maps are stored on the device in the OziExplorer "Maps" folder.
  2. For each map, 2 files are required (a) the OziExplorer calibration file (.map) and the map itself (it may have the file extension .ozf2, .ozfx3, .ozf4 .ecw)
  3. To use the maps on the device, connect the device to the PC and copy the 2 files for each map to the device.

    For Example : for the Cape York map, copy the files "Cape" and "Cape York.ozf2"
  4. Configure OziExplorer to know where your map are stored, see the section above.

How is the map file (.map) created
(PC OziExplorer is used to do this)

The map file can be created two ways using the PC OziExplorer. Both options are items on the File Menu of OziExplorer.

Additional Information

Read these sections of the OziExplorer Help