Running OziExplorerCE on a Lowrance Endura GPS

The Lowrance Endura range of GPS systems use Windows CE as the Operating System and can run OziExplorerCE.

Running OziExplorerCE on the Endura (all models)


Using the Compass and Altitude Sensors of the Endura Sierra

Do not use this file if you do not have the Sierra model as other models do not have sensors.

Download this file - download

Unzip the file and put the endura_sierra.dat file in the OziExplorer folder on the Micro SD card.

This file activates the Endura mode in OziExplorerCE and the compass and altitude sensors are used. The contents of the file are not important.

The OziExplorerCE Screen Designer has additional buttons and parameters for use with the Sierra, including options for calibrating the Altitude and the Compass.

The main Compass calibration can be done in the Endura software.

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