Running OziExplorerCE on a Holux Funtrek 130 GPS

The Holux Funtrek 130 GPS (and the 130 Pro) system use Windows CE as the Operating System and can run OziExplorerCE.

The Funtrek 130 is sold by Holux and in Australia (and possibly the UK) with a memory-map label, and in Europe with the Smartmaps label.

Running OziExplorerCE on the Funtrek 130

Using the Compass and Altitude Sensors of the Funtrek 130

The compass and altitude sensors can be used.

The OziExplorerCE Screen Designer has additional buttons and parameters for use with the Funtrek, including options for calibrating the Altitude and the Compass.

The main Compass calibration can be done in the Holux software.

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