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OziExplorer3D Mapping Software for PC

This is the official web page for the OziExplorer3D Mapping Software which will display 3D maps created by OziExplorer and can be manipulated in real time.

OziExplorer3D is an add-on for OziExplorer GPS Mapping Software.


System Requirements

  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 & 8.1/10 with OpenGL support (this is standard for all except Windows 95).

  • A graphics card with OpenGL hardware and driver support is preferred for performance reasons but is not essential

  • OziExplorer GPS Mapping Software

  • OziExplorer3D Software

  • Height Data for the regions of interest

Computer systems with 3D graphics cards with acceleration will obtain better performance.  OziExplorer3D uses OPENGL programming which is highly dependent on your graphics card drivers.  It is expected some systems will have problems because of this.


OziExplorer3D is software which allows map images to be viewed in 3D with the ability to rotate in all directions and zoom in and out of the view.

When the term OziExplorer3D is used the 3D map viewer is being referred to, when the term OziExplorer is used the OziExplorer GPS Mapping Software is being referred to.

The 3D maps are created using the OziExplorer GPS Mapping Software, the 3D maps are then viewed by OziExplorer3D, in this respect OziExplorer3D can be considered as an add-on to the OziExplorer GPS Mapping software.A 3D map can be created from any map that can be loaded in OziExplorer provided you have elevation data for the region.

A 3D map is composed of a map image (or image part) and a grid of heights at a spacing specified by the user. The software plots the height grid in 3D and then overlays the map image on the grid (this is called texturing) to produce a 3D map.

OziExplorer creates the grid of heights using the height data you have obtained and writes this to a file. Other required information is also written to the file and the file is then passed to OziExplorer3D which loads the file and the map image (or image section) and displays the 3D map.

The evaluation version of OziExplorer3D will work with the evaluation version (shareware/demo version) of OziExplorer but the limitations of both packages will apply.

To get the full benefit of creating and viewing 3D maps you must have a purchased copy of OziExplorer3D and a purchased copy of OziExplorer.

Main OziExplorer3D Features

There is a detailed list of features here

  • Display maps in 3D.
  • Most maps which can be viewed in OziExplorer can be viewed in 3D (some image types are excluded for licensing reasons).
  • Rotate your maps in 3D, view from any direction.
  • View waypoints, tracks and points on the 3D map.
  • Zoom in and out.
  • Apply 3D shading to your map * Apply Fog to the map.
  • Load multiple maps in OziExplorer3D (purchased version only).
  • Show GPS position on the 3D map.
  • Save, copy to the clipboard and print the current 3D map view.
  • + much, much more.

Design Philosophy

Because OziExplorer can handle maps and also requires the use of height data for its own needs it was decided to include the creation of the 3D maps within OziExplorer rather than duplicating its map handling functionality in OziExplorer3D as well. OziExplorer can use a normal OziExplorer map and the height data which the user has installed to create a 3D map file which is then sent to the OziExplorer3D map viewer.


History of Changes

Click here to download the Evaluation Version of OziExplorer3D (Version 1.14)

Note Note Note : Version 3.95.0 (or later) of OziExplorer is required, OziExplorer3D will not work with any earlier version.

Help File in Spanish (Espaņol)

Help File in Italian (Italiano)

Purchase OziExplorer3D

Limitations of the OziExplorer3D Evaluation Version

OziExplorer Shareware/Demo and Trial Versions

This only lists those limitations which apply to creating 3D maps, other limitations may also apply.

Online Help File

OziExplorer3D Help File Online - This link displays the OziExplorer3D Help and is recommended to help get the most out of OziExplorer3D.