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GPS Manufacturers

Garmin GPS

Lowrance Electronics

Eagle GPS

Magellan GPS

Magellan Australia


GPS Information pages

Joe Mehaffey and Jack Yeazel's GPS Information Website (recommended)


MapToGround - GPS use and mapping in humanitarian applications. (The agencies – UNOSAT, WFP Logistics Cluster, WFP Map Centre, ZKI, and MapAction – provide maps for humanitarian aid)

"Support material on the site includes pages on GPS and map basics, an introduction to OziExplorer and a discussion of the use of KMZ and GPX files with Google Earth and handheld GPS devices.  There is also a design toolbox which contains some elementary tools for refugee camp design and a links page directed to mapping and humanitarian resources."

Fleet Tracking Software


OziTracker  for ICOM IDAS NXDN and DPMR Digitial Radios

Fleet tracking software for ICOM Radios (only these radios supported - see the Website link below for radio models).

Potential use by Search & Rescue, Military, Forestry and Oil & Gas Industry, Mining, Law Enforcement.

Contact for more information.  ozitracker@outlook.com

Website  On the website, click the button  "OziTracker AVL for ICOM IDAS" or  "OziTracker AVL for ICOM DPMR"

GPS Software

G7ToWIN and G7ToCE - Garmin/Lowrance/Eagle GPS Interface Software for the PC and Windows CE Devices

Upload/Download from Lowrance/Eagle, Magellan and Garmin GPS receivers.

Reads and writes OziExplorer data files as well - by Ron Henderson

AzTechSoft - Makers of GPS2CAD and GPS2CAD-rv, products which download points from Garmin GPS receivers and plot them in AutoCAD.

GPS Software for Mac OS

Links to software for Mac OS users who unfortunately cannot run OziExplorer.

MacGPS Pro - for linking GPS to a Macintosh

GPSy connects your Macintosh to a broad range of GPS

General GPS Information

Pagina GPS Espanola

The GPS Waypoint Register of Southern Africa - Waypoint register, lots of information for Africa.

Gps Systems, Software and Accessories

Recursos Técnicos Madrid 
Madrid Spain - Supplier of GPS products and authorised reseller of OziExplorer software.

 outfitter.jpg (3752 bytes) Outfitter Electronics

Sweden - OziExplorer Swedish Manual Available

Solteknik HB
Sweden - Solteknik HB säljer Oziexplorer med stöd för svenska kartor från Lantmäteriverket i rik formatet.

General Stuff

NMEA Data Logger

Need a data logger to connect to your GPS to collect the track log for those long trips.

Data Logger Page

NMEA Multiplexor

Two variations - one works with NMEA 183, the other with Sea Talk and NMEA. In both units the output is RS232.

One use could be to have the position information from the GPS and the depth from a depth sounder both recorded in the track in the OziExplorer.

Multiplexor Website (both Spanish and English pages)

Waypoint Stuff

UK GPS site

Co-ordinates for all UK Motorways

WalkGPS - This site provides descriptions, maps, waypoints and routes for several single-day bushwalks within a distance of less than 100km from the city of Perth in Western Australia.

Baja Sat Explorer – Satellite Remote Sensing exploration for mining and mapping.- MEXICO

Other Sources of Information


OziExplorerin suomalaisesta versiosta on tehty helppoja, vaiheittain eteneviä ohjekirjoja. Kirjoissa annetaan ohjeet kaikille Suomessa käytössä oleville karttajärjestelmille - mukaan lukien Maanmittauslaitoksen uusissa peruskartoissa käytettävä ETRS-TM35FIN.

NAVIGATE! Oppikirja paikannuksesta on tarkoitettu oppilaitoskäyttöön paikkatieto-opetukseen sisältäen enemmän kirjallisia tehtäviä.

NAVIGATE! Opi paikantamaan on tarkoitettu kaikille maastossa ja vesillä liikkuville harrastajaryhmille, jotka hyödyntävät GPS:ää.

Kirjoihin voi tutustua tarkemmin ja niitä voi tilata osoitteesta: http://www.pedamap.com/

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