Where to get maps?

Maps for most countries can be obtained from

(Links to other sites are at the bottom of this page.)

Links to our maps pages for various world regions

Europe & UK
New Zealand   NEW !!! NZ202 Marine Charts on DVD
The Americas
World - includes a link to the Maps for the World website















  Note : Maps in unrecognized TIF formats may be able to be converted using the Image File Conversion utility on our Utility page here

Some Free Maps

Free maps ready for use with the OziExplorerCE and the Trial version of OziExplorer can be downloaded using the links below.

Note : If you have not purchased OziExplorer, you must run the Trial version of OziExplorer, these cannot be used with the Shareware Demo version.

These maps are in OziExplorer OZF2 format and include the map file.

World Maps Australia

How to download and use these maps with OziExplorer

  1. Click on the link and "Open" the file to install the files to your computer or "Save" the map in a folder on your hard disk for you to install later.
  2. Install the files to your Maps folder, a subfolder of the folder where OziExplorer is installed.
  3. After running OziExplorer, click on the Load Button on the toolbar.
  4. Select Load Map File from the dropdown menu.
  5. Highlight the map file in the dialog and click Open.

Geoxa Viewer - Utility for downloading maps for some regions of Europe.

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