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Optional Extras Page

Click on the link below where you will find additional modules to add extra functionality or features to OziExplorer.

Optional Extras Page  


Image File Conversion

This is a program which allows conversion of various map image formats to GeoTiff.

Download, unzip to a folder and run the ImageConvertOzi.exe program for simple conversions.

This is the program included which ImageConvertOzi uses for the conversions http://www.gdal.org/gdal_translate.html

These are the formats supported http://www.gdal.org/formats_list.html (note not all formats listed here are included as they may require additional libraries).

Common formats supported

We have also provided DOS batch files to convert the following - GeoPdf , PDF (use geopdf),Swedish RIK , TIF to TIF (for unrecognised TIF formats) - ImageConvertOzi can also do these.

Image Conversion 64bit download

Image Conversion 32bit download (older and does not support as many formats, use 64bit version if you can)

3rd Party Utilities

3rd Party Utilities which work with OziExplorer. Some of the utilities require the OziExplorer API.

3rd Party Utilities page

OziExplorer API

The OziExplorer API provides a programming interface which allows users to write programs to control many of the functions of OziExplorer.

OziExplorer API Page

Name Search Creator

This software program, Name Search Creator, will allow you to access datafiles of geographic names information which are readily available from various sources listed on the OziExplorer Name Search webpages, and convert and collate this data into a format which can be used by OziExplorer. It will also allow you to add your own waypoints to the database.

Name Searching is a feature of OziExplorer allowing you to pick a name from the geographic list of names which can also include your own waypoints and either plot the position of the place on the current map or search for maps which contain the location. Each Geographic Name is linked to a Feature Type Code.

Name Search Information Page

GPS Port Checker

This is a simple program which scans the ports on a PC and reports their status. It also scans all the ports at all baud rates to see if there is a GPS connected. Help is provided with the program.

The program can be run by clicking on the link below and choosing the run option (if your web browser supports this) or saved to a folder on your PC and run from there.

Go to the  GPS Port Checker program page.

OziExplorer File Format Converter

This program converts various waypoint, route and track file formats to and from OziExplorers own file formats.

Formats Supported

Download the program oziConvertData.zip (version 1.13)

OziExplorer Track File 2 Moving Map

This program reads an OziExplorer Track file (.plt), converts the data to NMEA and sends the strings to OziExplorer using the OziExplorer API.

This program requires OziExplorer version 3.95.2 or later and the OziAPI dll version 1.05 or later.

Download the program and readme file ozitrack2mm.zip (version 1.03)

NMEA Log Reader

This program can read the NMEA strings from a text file and send them to OziExplorer.

While the program is useful as it is, it has also been provided as an example of how to control OziExplorer using the OziExplorer API (see the technical section of the OziExplorer Help file). Note - This programs uses the "old" API.

Download the executable file NmeaLogReader.zip

Download the Delphi 3 source code NmeaLogReader_Source.zip

If you cannot compile the code the main part is in the unit.pas file, it should be quite easy to follow the process.

For Furuno GP30 GPS Users

This is some software which will allow you to upload and download waypoints to a Furuno GP30 GPS receiver using the OziExplorer Waypoint Export/Import File.

The software was not written by myself and is supplied as is with no warranty or promises.

Instructions on use are in the zip file.

Download the Software furuno.zip

Tiff File Utilities

Registered versions of OziExplorer can use TIFF files and these are the preferred format to use.

Many countries of the world publish their maps as TIFF files. Unfortunately not all countries publish their TIFF files using the best possible TIFF format for the best viewing speed by mapping software. By using these utilities below it is possible to adjust any TIFF file into any of the standard formats.

The best format to use is :

The USGS DRG maps are already in the best format possible, The Australian AUSLIG 250K maps are not in a very good format and can use some tweaking.

A batch file has been included which has the best settings already included.

Below are a collection of utilities for examining, changing and copying TIFF files.

These utilities were not written by me but are part of the LIBTIFF and LIBGEOTIFF libraries which are provided as freeware.

These programs are all DOS based and not particularly pretty to use but they do a good job.

Click here for a Description of these programs

Download the complete set of Tiff Utility programs Download Tiffutil.zip

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