Link to Commercial Sites for maps of Canada

Free Maps

Free map images can be downloaded from these sites.

Note: For unregistered users: You will need to use the Trial version to use these maps, the unregistered Shareware Demo version cannot be used with these images. (The Trial version is included in the OziExplorer Software download.) These maps (except for the Canmatrix maps) will require calibrating within OziExplorer using the Load and Calibrate option. (This is described in the Tutorial which can be accessed from the OziExplorer Help Menu). 


Information about these maps is here.


The Canadian government has released Canmatrix maps at 1:50 000 and 1:250 000 scale for free download.  These are GeoTiff image files which can be readily imported into OziExplorer using the Import Maps / DRG Import option.

Download the 1:50 000 scale maps from here.

Download the 1:250 000 scale maps from here.

Information about the maps.


This site is being upgraded so it may not be available at times.

Free map images -

Toporama is a website run by the Canadian Government which makes Raster maps based on NTDB data freely available at 1:250,000 or 1:50,000 scale.

The Government of Canada web site responsible for distributing free data for Canada including Landsat 7 images and digital elevation data which can be used with OziExplorer.

University of Texas Library Online

Free maps and listing of other maps available.

Commercial Sites

Maps are available from these sites which come with OziExplorer map (calibration) files.

Digital Maps and Mapping Software

Spectrum AVL Technology produces digital maps covering western Canada.

First Base Solutions - Maps available for Ontario

GPS Central
GPS Central supplies digital topographic maps and nautical charts that are compatible with OziExplorer.  Suppliers of Spectrum Digital Imaging digitized topographic maps, already calibrated to work with OziExplorer. The maps are in .png format, 150 DPI and 8 bit colour. The images are sharp, same scale as the original paper map, cropped, and touched up to remove imperfections from scanning.

  Digital Projections

We supply Digital Maps, Custom Mapping & Drafting, Scanning, Plotting, Digital Products, Graphics, Press Service, & More

 globe3.jpg (1198 bytes) Map Town
We supply digital and paper maps of all varieties that can be scanned and calibrated for use with the OziExplorer software. Maps available include Topographical, Aeronautical, and Nautical Charts. We are a principal distributor for both the Etopo CD-Roms of Canada, and of all Garmin GPS Products.

For guide to outdoor activities in Canada & Alaska Trailpeak
Trailpeak provides a comprehensive guide to outdoor adventure in North America, and particularly the Coastal range of mountains from Alaska to Baja. We provide 3D and topographical maps of trails and waterways   - mountain bike trails are rendered in 3D - activities covered include hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, rafting, skiing, climbing, scuba, and, snowshoeing.

Maryland Nautical
BSB Raster Charts

North Island Communications British Columbia and Alberta Maps on CDROM.

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