Using the NATMAP Digital Maps 2008 images from your Hard Disk.

Instructions for previous versions of the maps

Step 1. - Install the Natmap Viewer from the Natmap DVD and install the maps to the hard disk.

The Natmap Digital Maps 2008 installation software allows the maps to be copied to the hard disk during the installation of the Raster Viewer Software (The DVD will not be required to be in the DVD-ROM drive to load the maps). To do this select the "Complete" install option, the other option, "Typical", will only install the Raster Viewer.

(Note: The other install option "Custom" allows you to select the folder where the maps are copied to if you wish to change the location from the default. If you do change the location they are installed, OziExplorer will NOT automatically find and load the image from your hard disk.)

Step 2. - Install the (.map) files from the table in the Natmap Section on the "Maps File Download" webpage.

Install the calibration files for OziExplorer (.map files) by running the self-installing file from the download link on the Australian webpage. The (.map) files for the Natmap maps will be installed under the OziExplorer Maps folder.

Step 3. - Loading a map.

You should now be able to load a Natmap map from the hard disk without having to insert the DVD by loading a map file from the folders above.

Note:  If the image is not found and loaded, the images may not have been installed from the DVD or they may have been installed to a different drive or folder than the Natmap default.  If this occurs, the map does not load and the "Warning" message is displayed that the image cannot be found. Click the "Find" button on the warning dialog and Browse the hard disk. If the image is found a message will be displayed, click OK to load the image. Save the (.map) file to make the change permanent.

Things to check if the maps are cannot be loaded

Also see the Using the maps with OziExplorer page.

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