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Terraserver have changed their domain and also now appear to use an encrypted link to the tiles. Terraserver maps no longer will load.  We do not know at this stage but are looking into whether continued support is possible.

Suggested work around is to use Internet Maps.


This page describes how to use the USA Terraserver Maps with OziExplorer.

The use of Terraserver Maps within OziExplorer can be considered experimental at this stage.

Setting Up

You need an internet connection to use USA Terraserver Maps. The map image tiles are downloaded in real time from the internet and stored in a file cache.

Tiles which have already been cached can be used when offline.

You also need to download the USA Terraserver.map file (see below).

These links provide information about the Terraserver maps.



OziExplorer Version

You must be using OziExplorer release version 3.95.5c. Check the "Help / About" option in OziExplorer to see what version you are currently running.

The OziExplorer development version does not yet work with USA Terraserver Maps but will in the future.

Notes :

OziExplorer .map file download

*** You need to download the "USA Terraserver.map" file ***

Download self installing setup file - download map file here

Run the downloaded setup file to install the map. It is installed in the Internet Maps folder (under the Maps folder).

Open the "USA Terraserver.map" map file in OziExplorer in the usual way.

Do not try to recalibrate the map or change the map border, there is no need they are fixed in the software.

Using Terraserver Maps with OziExplorer

First you need to open the "USA Terraserver.map" file in the usual way (Load Menu / Load Map File)

The USA Terraserver Maps Control Buttons

(Note: an explanation of the modes is above)

Select Map Region - Switch between continental USA, Alaska and Hawaii.

Switch to DRG Topographic Map

Switch to Black and White Aerial photo

Switch to Color Aerial photo - this is available for selected urban areas only, some major urban areas are not available.

Draw Screen - Redraws the screen if it has not refreshed properly.

Zoom In - Zooms Google Maps in to show more detail, click the button to zoom in.

Zoom Out - Zooms Google Maps out to show a wider view, click the button to zoom out.

Zoom Level - Select the required zoom level from the drop down menu.

It can be difficult to move to the location you are interested. If you have waypoints for the area you can load them and use the "Plot Location...." button on the wp list toolbar to move the map the its location.

You could also use Name search if you have a USA database.


Saving of the USA Terraserver Maps map is not possible.

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