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Translations for OziExplorer for Android

Instructions to Assist in Translating.

  1. Download the English translation file using the link below - right click on the the file and choose "Save Target As".
  2. The file is a text file which can be opened in any word processor such as "Notepad"
  3. The instructions at the top of the file show what needs to be done to translate the text.
  4. Email the file to
  5. The name of the person/persons who do the translation will be shown on the splash screen during program startup.

The most recent OziExplorer for Android Translation File - to download click here

Instructions to Download and Use a Translation.

Where available, language files are included with the software.  For some languages, other translated files may be available below.

  1. Download the translation file for your language using the link below - right click on the the file and choose "Save Target As".
  2. Place the file in the OziExplorer folder on your Android device.
  3. On the OziExplorer "Main Menu" the language can be selected.
  4. You must restart OziExplorer - Quit OziExplorer (Main Menu / Quit) if running and restart.
  5. Language should now be active.
Translated Languages
File to Download Included with OziExplorer for OziExplorer Version Translated By Date Translated

Bulgarian download Next version 1.28 Valentin Rankov Nov, 2016
Català  download Yes 1.19 J.Pastoret Feb,2013
Czech  download Yes 1.17 Zoltan Loderer May,2012
Czech  download Yes 1.18 rsc (Zdenek Nejedly) Aug,2012
Dutch  download Yes 1.27 Frank Tamis; Nick Smit May,2016
Finnish  download Yes 1.16 Matti Suopajärvi June,2013
French  download Yes 1.25 Marc Delsupexhe; voyageur78 April,2015
German (Deutsch)  download Yes 1.17 Uwe Jaeckel May,2012
Greek  download Yes 1.17 John Psarris May,2012
Italian  download Yes 1.28 Damjan Gerl June,2017
Korean  download Yes 1.17 kim jeong sick May,2012
Magyar  download Yes 1.17 Zapa Sep,2013
Polish  download Yes 1.17 Stanisław Pas May,2012
Portuguese  download Yes 1.25 Eduardo Lima Sep,2015
Russian  download Yes 1.17 Leon Sintorres May,2012
Russian  download Yes 1.17 Vlad Alifanov May,2012
Slovak  download Yes 1.18 Pavol Podracký Sep,2012
Slovenian  download Yes 1.28 Damjan Gerl June,2017
Spanish (Español)  download Yes 1.17 Andres Fernández May,2012
Spanish (Español)  download Yes 1.17 Santiago Vandellós Besabes May,2012
Simplified Chinese  download Yes 1.17 steven zeng May,2012
Swedish  download Yes 1.27 Nanna Nyblom Aug,2016
Traditional Chinese  download Yes 1.17 steven zeng May,2012
Turkish download Yes 1.17 Yasar INCEER July,2012
Ukrainian  download Yes 1.21 Yurko Hudyma Dec,2013

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