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Using a GPS which connects to a Serial Port with OziExplorerCE

Frequently Asked Questions - OziExplorerCE

OziExplorerCE - configuration of OziExplorerCE for Moving Map Operation

Read this section if you are having problems communicating with your GPS for Moving Map operation (real time tracking).  This is divided into 2 sections -

OziExplorerCE Configuration

Configuration of OziExplorerCE is done from the Configuration / NMEA (GPS) option on the File Menu.

Communication Port - Select the COM Port you have your GPS connected on. The drop-down list shows the actual ports which the PDA has installed and a description of each port is shown. Normally you will be connecting the external GPS to the standard serial port provided, usually COM 1.

Baud - The must be set to the same Baud rate you are using in the GPS. Use as high a Baud rate that is possible. Baud Rates from 1200 to 115200 can be selected in OziExplorerCE. The default is 4800. If you do not know the Baud rate of the GPS you are using try 4800 as this is the standard for NMEA output.

Sentence - Communications for Moving Map operation, to get the position from the GPS, are made via standard NMEA sentences. Other sentences may also be used to obtain additional information not contained in the selected sentence.

If your GPS outputs the GPRMC sentence then this is the preferred sentence to select.

The selectable sentences are :

PVT Garmin - Most Garmin GPS Receivers have the ability to output their position using the PVT protocol which all the information required for moving map operation. When using this method the GPS must be placed in GRMN/GRMN HOST or Garmin mode (depending on model).

If you select the PVT Garmin option your GPS must be connected and turned on when starting communication with the GPS in OziExplorerCE as commands are sent to the GPS to start PVT operation. If your Garmin GPS does not support PVT mode there will be no warning, it simply will not work.

NMEA Datum - The datum your GPS uses to Output the position in the NMEA data. Garmins always output in the datum the GPS is set to, Some Magellans (315/320) also output in the datum the GPS is set to, most other GPS output in WGS 84, you need to find out how your particular GPS does this.

Show GPS Fix Data - Shows the type of Fix and the Number of satellites being tracked.

GPS Configuration for NMEA Output

Read the "GPS Receivers" section of the PC OziExplorer Help.  The NMEA baud rate of your GPS must match the baud rate set in "OziExplorerCE Configuration" / "NMEA (GPS)" (discussed above).

Connecting the GPS (Null Modem Connection Cable)

Depending on the make and mode of your GPS and PDA you may be able to purchase a cable to connect them together, but these are not available for all combinations.

It is possible to use the two cables, the one that came with the GPS and the one for your PDA. These cables must be connected together with a Null Modem Connector or cable.

To make your own Null Modem Connector by making a short cable to join the two cables.

For the standard 9 pin connector these are the pins. Both ends of the joining cable are wired the same.

Pin 2 -------- Pin 3
Pin 3 -------- Pin 2
Pin 5 -------- Pin 5

null_modem.gif (2505 bytes)

nullmodem-photo.jpg (14266 bytes)

Null Modem Connector using DB9 connectors and ribbon cable

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