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The links for downloading are on the OziExplorerCE web page.

You must choose the correct link which best suits the PDA type you have.

In general PDA's are available in 2 types, Handheld PC's and PocketPC's
Pocket PC - A PDA which basically looks similar to the image on the left and is labeled as a Pocket PC.
Handheld PC - Any PDA using Windows CE which is not a Pocket PC, it will be using the WindowsCE core operating system.

If your PDA does not use ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista) then you must download the runtime version.


For PDA's which use ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista)

For PDA's which do not use ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista)


The Configuration option are on available on the "Configuration Menu" or on the File Menu.

The demonstration maps and data files provided with OziExplorerCE can be used without any configuration changes, when you want to use your own maps and data files you will need to configure the "Map & Data Files" paths to point to where your maps and data files are located.

Entering License Codes

When OziExplorerCE is purchased you will receive a name and code to enter into OziExplorerCE to unlock the program you have downloaded. The name and code must be entered exactly as they are given.


Data Output Types

Most GPS receivers output standard NMEA data but a small number may output other formats.

GPS Types

GPS Configuration Dialog

Baud - In most cases the baud rate will be 4800, but sometimes other baud rates are used.

Sentence - Almost always GPRMC but if GPRMC doesn't work consult the GPS specifications.

Program Navigation

The Menubar is used to move between pages.

Show Options Menu - provides access to many program features.
Previous Page - Shows the previous page.
Next Page - Shows the next page.
Extend Menu - Show / Hide an extended menu.
Open Map File - Shows the "Open dialog" to allow you to select a map to open.
Start GPS Start/Stop Moving Map Communication - Opens the com port and reads the NMEA sentences from the GPS.
Page Menu - Show / Hide the Page Menu.
Main Toolbar - Show / Hide the Main Toolbar.
GPS Tracking - Turn GPS Tracking On / Off
Main Menu - Show / Hide the program menubar.
Dim Screen - Dims the screen brightness for night viewing.
Screen Lock - Locks the screen.  To unlock the screen drag the button on the "Slide to Unlock" bar to the right.
Quit - Close the program.

Using Maps in OziExplorerCE

If you do not have a (.map) file for your map, see the section "How is the map file created" below.

Copying maps to the PDA

Using a storage card on your device to store your maps

How is the map file (.map) created
(PC OziExplorer is used to do this)

The map file can be created two ways using the PC OziExplorer. Both options are items on the File Menu of OziExplorer.

Additional Information

Editing OziExplorerCE Screens

The screens (pages) displayed by OziExplorerCE can be changed by using the OziExplorerCE Screen Designer which runs on a PC. A complete set of screens can be designed and copied to the PDA for use by OziExplorerCE.


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