OziExplorer CE - Screen Shots

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Various Tracking, Navigation, GPS Status Screens

Running on a navigator

One of several standard screens or design your own screen using our screen designer utility.

Moving Map Screen

Waypoint Navigation Screen

Route Navigation Screen (Note: Route navigation not active in example)

Odometer Screen

Altitude / Climb Rate Screen

Speed / Acceleration Screen

Nearest Waypoint Screen

GPS / Satellites Screen



Running on an Asus MyPal A639 in landscape mode.

A few screen shots :

Design your own screen using our screen designer utility.

Each of the parameters on the screen is user configurable in the screen designer.

This allows you to create the screen to display the information and look you like.

Windows Mobile PDA (See above for navigators)
Several different portrait screens we have designed are shown below. On the PDA, page through the standard screens or screens that you have designed, to show the screen with the information you want displayed at the time.

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